This PSA is brought to you by a single girl living in New York City who vehemently complains about being single all the dang time: STOP COMPLAINING THAT YOU’RE SINGLE.

Before you make another assertion that it’s “like, LIT’RALLY impossible” to find nice, single guys amidst the sea of “jerks” you encounter on a regular basis, consider that you may just be looking in the wrong places.

If you are, in fact, looking for a real life love connection, POSSIBLY with someone who even has similar interests and hobbies to your own, ya gotta slow down for a second, exit the dang bar, and explore some other locations, because typically, long lasting relationships don’t begin with surprise grinding and a sloppy dance floor make out.

“BUT WHERE? This is so hard, I’m going to end up an old spinster!” SLOW DOWN, CRAZY. Before you get all Liz Lemon and adopt a cat named Emily Dickinson, take a deep breath and get yourself together. All you need to figure out is the location the opposite sex considers the best place to meet a potential mate (Hint: you want to go to there).

And how would you ever go about doing something so complicated?

The best way to get inside the mind of a man is to ask him what he’s thinking; it sounds bold, but men tend to be pretty straightforward creatures. Just so you don’t have to go through the trouble of doing so, we surveyed 500 New York City men, and asked them where they thought they had the best chance of meeting a future significant other. SURVEY SAYS:

1. The Internet

In a digital age like our own, where the preferred method of everything from posting on social media to ordering food is done through a smartphone, it’s not particularly shocking that Internet dating sites pull in at number one on this list. Obviously, it makes sense: you want to learn, you go to school; you want to drink, you go to a bar; you want to date, you go on a dating site — C’mon, extrapolation. Out of the 500 New York City men surveyed, the majority, or 78 of them, believed the Internet to be their surest bet to meet their next potential love interest. All da single ladies out there, maybe it’s high time to swallow your pride and finally create that OkCupid! profile you swore you never would. #noshame

2. Work

If your office has a no dating policy, you’re out of luck here because 55 of the men surveyed said they thought their best chance to find romance was at the workplace. Makes sense: there’s a 100% chance you have at least one thing in common with your male co workers (hint: it pays the rent, unless that’s still your parents in which case GOD. NO.). People with the same job tend to share very similar interests, priorities, and skills, which basically defines compatibility. But for the love of HR, don’t go breaking his heart, or one of you is about to be unemployed.

(ProTip: 30% of the men we surveyed who made over $100,000 annually answered “Work.” Huh, I suppose success really does attract success. Gold Diggers, looks like it’s time for a new game plan.)

3. A Bar

Okay, maybe a bit tamer than the one from the aforementioned scenarios… Here’s a good rule of thumb: less club-y, more pub-y. Bars can be a great setting to meet new people, especially because everyone seems to let their guard down a little bit after a beer or two. And, luckily for you, 41 of the men we surveyed said they felt a good ol’ pub was the best place to meet their future boo thang. Bring your wingwoman along for a round of the How I Met Your Mother game  “Haaaaaaaaave ya met Ted?,” taking turns introducing each other to handsome strangers. But PLEASE try to remember his name if he takes down your number. The next morning, if he texts you, “Hi, this is John, it was really nice to meet you last night :)” and you respond with “John who?” Game. Over.

4. School / On Campus

There is nothing like the party that happens inside your brain when, on the first day of a class, a handsome stranger sits down right next to you. Apparently, guys feel the same way because 35 of them reported they viewed school or campus as a promising place to find a lady love. Next time you’re studying for finals, keep in mind that an extensive reading collection might not be all your library has to offer you. Your eyes need a break from your computer screen, anyways…

5. A Mutual Friend

For some reason, it’s so much less intimidating to talk to a stranger when you share a mutual friend — as if now that you’ve established you both knew Johnny growing up, you suddenly have a justifiable reason to have a conversation. 31 of our guys expressed this sentiment in varying ways, whether they thought they’d find love in a hopeless place (at a friend’s party or social gathering) or, to skip the guesswork, to just be directly set up by friends.

6. Outdoors

Rather contrary to the first answer, some of the guys we polled prefer a more “natural” way to meet women than through online dating. 19 of them responded they dug parks, the great outdoors, and “real life” (as one man so eloquently put it) as the proper spot to pick up chicks. The next time you’re sitting on the beach and a stray volleyball just nearly misses your head, instead of timidly tossing it back to that shirtless Adonis, serve it back. Hard. Then join in!

7. A Religious Event

If you’ve started to lose your faith in finding a mate, well then Praise the Lawd because 16 holy hotties thought they’d find the woman to answer their prayers at a religious event, like a church service or shabbat dinner. Is that a sin? Probably. But it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.


8. “I don’t know”

Whelp, ladies, some of these bachelors are just as unsure of where to find you as you are of where to find them. 12 gentlemen suitors straight up admitted ‘IDK’ to the question of where they’d find their next flame. One guy provided quite possibly the most insightful answer of this entire survey all by his lonesome: “she could be anywhere, and thus I keep my eyes open.”

And there you have it. If none of these options work out for you, go about your life keeping your eyes, mind, and heart open. Love might just find its way to you when you’re least expecting it. *groans* *sighs* *rolls eyes* *downloads Tinder*

Happy hunting, and always remember: you are a strong independent woman, who don’t need no man to complete you. The next time your relatives bombard you with questions about why you’re still single, feel free to shrug ‘em off and say:

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NOTE: The displayed values do not add up to the reported 500 men surveyed because men who either a) answered that they were married/taken or b) contributed answers that made up only a trivial percentage (i.e. the two men answered “jail”) had their responses discounted. This survey was conducted through Google Consumer Surveys of 500 males in the New York area.