Still riding on the high of the VMAs?  Does the phrase “MILEY, WHAT’S GOOD?” send excited shivers down your spine?  Are you planning on voting for Kanye in 2020?  Then here’s the playlist for you.  If not?  Eh, you should probably listen to these feel good songs anyway.


What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber

Like it or not, Justin’s making a comeback with a little help from Skrillex.  This unlikely duo is churning out some surprisingly sick beats.  Bieber’s new song has hints of chill reggae, but a steady dance beat (imagine if Skrillex produced OMI’s Cheerleader).  Maybe we gave up on him too soon.


S.O.B. – Nathaniel Ratecliff and the Night Sweats

Bluegrass-house music is slowly worming its way into the mainstream, and it’s an unlikely combination that’s basically incredible.  The foot stompin’, hand clappin’ beat of S.O.B. evolves into an all out dance party over the course of four glorious minutes, going from hoedown to throwdown.


Making The Most of the Night – Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly’s back and she is seriously killing it.  The pop princess’s new album is all scrunchies, rollerskates, and leg warmers:  everything Taylor Swift’s 1989 wishes it was.  This sweet and dreamy pop song brings what its title promises you, turning any night into one to remember.  


Good Times – Ella Eyre

This Brit’s powerful voice and hippie aesthetic make her one to watch out for.  Appropriate to the title, this feel good jam could turn the worst day around.  It has a positive urgency driving it along, creating an air of joyful excitement.


Pure Grinding – Avicii

You can always depend on Avicii to give you something worthy of the repeat button.  The guttural, almost folksy, vocals on this track channel a similar energy as his 2013 hit “Hey Brother,” but the effect is still electric. 


Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld  

Hailee has graced us with her first single, which is pitch perfect.  It takes true grit to begin again and make the transition from actress to popstar, but she has dived into the task with full force.  This anthem is as infectious as it is empowering.


Downtown – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Return of the Mack.  Thank god.  We’ve missed his snarky commentary on society and Ryan Lewis’ head-bobbing, hip-moving tunes.  This story of a moped is just as fantastic as their last album and we can’t help but hope it’s just a teaser of a new record.


Easy Love – Sigala

Making a hit song?  Easy as 1-2-3.  This brand new artist is starting out strong with a revamp of the Jackson 5’s ABC.  The fresh take on this throwback is new enough to be interesting but still has the comfort of your favorite tune.  Can’t get enough?  Check out the music video for some kids with killer dance moves.


Bring It Back – Shy Carter ft. Aleon Craft

Shy Carter has crafted the perfect sound for the end of summer and the start of the weekend.  The title of the song is inherently nostalgic and when the bright melody and cheery brass combine you can practically see the sunshine.  Put this jam on full blast as you kick back and appreciate the last waning days of the season.


Drunk In Love – Beyonce

A playlist isn’t a playlist until Beyonce walks in.  Queen B is at the top of her game in this song… and always.  You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard this one, but it deserves a place on this playlist, and essentially every playlist, to keep you going all night.


Levels – Nick Jonas

It’s 2015 and my middle school crush on Nick Jonas has returned in full force.  He’s back and bigger than ever (and so are his biceps).  This song’s Prince-like vocals and escalating hook are both infectious, and you be able to stop yourself from moving along with it.  


Don’t Worry – Madcon feat. Ray Dalton

You know it’s gonna be alright if you listen to the release by this Norwegian duo.  Its groovy bass, reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky,” mixes with the big band brass to give the work a retro vibe and carefree sound.  Does the featured artist seem familiar?  You might recognize him from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us.”


Dreams – Life Of Dillon

Life of Dillon has already hit the scene with the clubby hit Overload, their lyrically mediocre, but sonically toxic, debut single.  The trio’s second release brings the words up to par with the music, with the refrain “If your dreams don’t scare you they ain’t big enough” matched with an appropriately upbeat backtrack.  “Dreams” will add a little life motivation and a lot of dancing to your pregame.  


Impossible – Lion Babe

There’s a smooth sort of irresistibility in Jillian Hervey’s monotone, rapping verses skating over a salsa beat and spurts of trumpets.  Lyrically simple, but appealing nonetheless, this new act is certainly one to watch.


Wildest Dreams (Recycle Culture’s Hyper Bubble Pop Remix) – Taylor Swift

T Swizz is a mandatory addition to this list, due to pure exposure and also because who doesn’t love her.  Her newest single isn’t necessarily something you want to turn up to on a Friday night, but this remix of it definitely is.  The fancy turns dancy when the eerie instrumentals, highlighted by added vocals and tech effects, are set against high energy beats.  It’ll keep you all night “burning it down.”



So whether you’re amping up for a night out, getting down with your main squeeze, hanging out with friends, or just telling stories about crazy times, these songs are the perfect soundtrack to get your weekend rolling.  Go out there and get your groove on.