It’s November. GET IT TOGETHER.

 get it together November is what carol needs

We know what you’re thinking — “Um, excuse me? Who are you to tell me what to do with MY November!? I’ve already GOT IT TOGETHER!” Well……’re wrong.

Remember waking up in a candy infused stupor on November 1st? The crunch of wrappers serving as a sorry alarm clock as you hazily rolled over into a chocolate-smeared morning? The stench of smashed pumpkins and stale alcohol disrupting your someday-oneday dreams? Yeah, you thought we didn’t know about that mess, didn’t you?

Joey is not celebrating get it together November

You need help — but honestly we all do. It’s officially Christmoween, the dark (literally — daylight savings, people!) days between Halloween and Christmas that are commonly heralded as the most lazy and gluttonous season. There’s seemingly nothing holding you back from ignoring all those things you’re supposed to (but don’t want to) do. Especially the horrible things, like exercising or achieving dreams. Ew. All you want is to laze about, drink hot chocolate, watch Netflix, and Snapchat about it (look, we get that your cat is cute, ok? Calm down…)

Pro-tip: chips are not part of get it together november

But — do you smell that? There’s something on the winter wind — is it pie? New leather boots? Pumpkin flavored something? No. It’s YOU getting your tuckus in gear. You are going to have a productive November, for once in your lazy-during-Christmoween free-boating life.

As sure as the leaves are changing, so are we. It’s about time you paid your respects to the time-honored tradition of Get It Together November.


No thanks, New Years.

Okay, okay. We know that you’re like — “Is this is just some silly ploy to convince me to start New Year’s Resolutions two months early and destroy my Holiday feasting binge?”

No. It’s absolutely not.

Okay, it is a little bit, but trust us. It’s much more strategic and complex. We’re only trying to HELP here, because January is a bummer of a time to start your resolutions. It’s just so freakin’ cold, you know? You’re most likely snowed in — or watching a forecast of ominous clouds inching over your town with a promise that you’ll SOON be snowed in — and there isn’t much motivation to do anything. The cocoa is hot, the bed is toasty, and there is a log over there that is freaking ON FIYAH — what more could you ask for?

There’s very little driving you to do your best at the time of year when all you have to look forward to is a couple more bleak winter months. You’re likely to call it quits pretty quickly.

Pro-tip: bacon is not part of get it together november either

Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you begin the year on a good note or not, if it’s going to crash and burn one month in. But if you’re ending the year on a good note, it’s much more realistic to believe you’ll follow through. If you start while the end is in sight there will be far less time for things to go awry.

PLUS, despite what Rihanna says, it’s hard to go from zero to sixty in three-point-five. Your lounging post-Christmas self doesn’t want to rev up to resolution radiance. If only you could already be in the Do-Better mindset when January rolls around…


Hi, Grandma!

Okay, so you’re convinced that New Year’s Resolutions aren’t quite what we’re looking for — but why November?!? Isn’t this when you have every excuse to binge on candy, pie, and cookies, and slack off with your vacay days???? Shouldn’t you just drift into a sugar coma at midnight on November 1st, and not emerge until post-Christmas, once the cookies have all gone stale and your presents’ shiny newness has worn off?

this ice cream failed at get it together November and now is being eaten. You have been warned.

That is EXACTLY why you need to get it together in November.

There’s this dip between the craziness of all the various holidays, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to dip. YOU can use this time to prep for the holiday season to make it better than ever! Want to make handcrafted gifts for all of your friends? Learn a new recipe for family gatherings? Host a fun wintery party? Run in a Turkey Trot? Get a KILLER end-of-year review? November is the perfect time to make those dreams come true!

Speaking of holidays — all that family time? If there is one group of people to be brutally honest with you about the state of your sorry life, it’s your family. Who’s going to tell you you need to get a better job? Mom. Who’s going to tell you you need to workout more? Dad. Who’s going to badger you about why you don’t have a significant other? Grandma.

Lorelai is get it together November's spokeswoman.

Plus, you know you have that one cousin who’s bragging about crossfit or their new promotion or their goddamn new baby. DON’T BE OUTDONE. “You have a new baby? Oh yeah? Well I started making my bed everyday this month, so you can suck it, Jennifer!” (Hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere…)

The holiday season is saturated with family time. That family time will be a whole lot better if you go in there feeling awesome and proud of what you’ve been up to recently. Are they still overly critical? Well, at least you will have the peace of mind, knowing that you’re on the right track and doing the best you can do.


Imma Own This.

“I’ve seen the error of my ways!” you wail. “What do I need to do to get it together? Where do I begin?!?! Can I even GET it together?!??!??!! AM I I LOST CAUSE!?!?!?”

Looks like someone needs get it to together november....

Okay, step 1: Chill.

Step 2: Embrace the fact that you may not get it completely together. You may even, if you must, use this as a trial run for your New Year’s Resolutions. But, what you WILL do is try — and trying is, on some small level, success in and of itself.

The trick with getting it together is 1 – Having explicit, quantifiable goals and 2 – Remembering what they are and taking small steps to achieve them each day. Use a whiteboard or maybe a journal of some sort to write your goals in big letters that will hang over your head as you sleep. May your dreams contain productivity.

Here are some ideas for ways to get it together:

  • Make your bed every day
  • Workout at least 3 times a week
  • Stop drinking soda/alcohol/12 cups of coffee a day (…is that just me?)
  • Write in a journal every day
  • Eat 3 servings of veggies every day
  • Call your grandparents once a week
  • Call Mom every other day
  • Get your family’s Christmas presents before December rolls around
  • Do yoga
  • Learn one delicious dish to contribute to the cooking this holiday season
  • Read or listen to podcasts every morning during your commute
  • Create a Christmas budget to keep your finances in check
  • Vote
  • Quit smoking
  • Take shorter showers
  • Recycle
  • Volunteer
  • Sleep at least 7 hours a night


If you need some more suggestions, here’s what Team Vimbly is doing for Get It Together November:

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