We all hold high expectations for our staycations. It’s never too early to start planning the next one. This is your chance to reboot your perspective — Maybe you’ll see the city from above at a rooftop bar. Maybe you’ll hit the Met (you haven’t been there in a while), and, after that, you’ll definitely explore a new area of Manhattan. Except Netflix.
There’s always more to do than prod yourself with bed feathers and endless television. Here’s a list of fun activities to look forward to when your spring vacation hits.

1. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
: When was the last time you saw blossoming cherries in NYC? Wait, outside of the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, it’s impossible to see. IMPOSSIBLE! The beautiful scenery of BBG gives New Yorkers much needed relaxation in this serene environment. And home to one of the largest cherry collectives outside of Japan, the gardens ensure a healthy and tasty staycation in just a few subway stops. Plan ahead and request those dates off NOW!

staycation ideas brooklyn botanical gardens


2. Biergartens: Du sollst jetzt auf dem Biergarten gehen. JETZT! Translation: You should go to the beer garden now. NOW! Is there more to say? You don’t even have to wait for vacation week to enjoy a few beers in the sunlight with a few friends and strangers. Some are open year-round and even have fireplaces in the cold months!



3. Brooklyn Brewery: Wintertime and the livin’s easy. Really easy, especially while relaxing in the confines of your apartment. So you step out of your apartment to grab a few beers to kick-back and relax at a higher level. Instead of grabbing some cheap All Natural’s Light, head to North Williamsburg in Brooklyn (that’s foreign enough territory, right?) and enjoy a tour of the Brooklyn Brewery. There, you can witness the process of transforming hops to beverage. Learn the subtle secrets of brewing. And what beer tour would be complete without a few brews of your own?

4. Brooklyn Flea
: No BSing you here, Brooklyn Flea captures over 250 vendors of antiques, vintage clothing, collectibles, jewelry, art and crafts by local artisans and designers, and delicious fresh food. Should this be said again? Operating every weekend of the year, Brooklyn Flea is a perfect evergreen staycation for the shopper, collector, or people watcher.

5. Smorgasburg
: For the foodie-cation, Smorgasburg has the smorgasbord you’re craving. With dozens of delicious NYC food vendors, Smorgasburg is the Brooklyn Flea for food. In one corner of the Williamsburg Waterfront, you can indulge in succulent Baby Back Ribs. Seconds later, you can suck down some Ramen. Food lovers, ASSEMBLE!

6. Surf Lessons
: Let’s go surfin’ now, apparently, everybody’s learnin’ how. Although surfing’s engrained itself in American culture—look to California and Hawaii—how many people surf the NYC waves? The answer: not nearly enough. With this crash course (you’ll literally be crashing), learn the basics: stand-up techniques and technical skills. If you’re plans are to hit up the beach when your spring staycation arrives, why not make plans now by checking out the LOCAL options?!

7. Bike, Bike, Bike!
: The concrete jungle’s meant to be discovered, well, on the concrete. How about biking through Manhattan from top to bottom? How about discovering hidden gems in Brooklyn or Queens? With endless terrain to cover and miles of road undiscovered, it’s time you embarked on a new experience for your next staycation.

New York City Bike Tour

8. Trapeze: If you’re in search of an action-packed staycation—one that’ll make Bruce Willis proud—trapeze may provide the adrenaline rush you need. Acrobats and Cirque du Soleil happening in your backyard, did you know? Ever dreamed of flying through the air with the greatest of ease—flipping, flopping, and, hopefully not, falling? Aerial Arts NYC makes that dream come true. While learning fundamental poses and sequences, you can admire the moves from—what used to be afar—the front seat.

9. Visit the Cloisters
: Step out of the skyscraper-laden skyline and enter medieval Europe. Replicated after middle-age marvels and beautiful European cities such as Bruges, the Cloisters branch of the Met explores the era’s art and architecture—both domestic and religious. The building and its cloistered gardens are treasures unseen outside of Europe. For the artsy staycation, the Cloisters is a can’t miss! (Again, this one’s great all year round!)


10. Landmarks Photo Tour
: Most New Yorkers have seen the famous landmarks: Grand Central Station, Empires State Building, Chrysler Building…the list goes on. But have you seen these structures through a different lens? The camera lens provides a perfect way to document your life around the city. For any photographer or the creative staycationer, a photo tour around Manhattan captures the vibrancy and attitude of this great city.

walking food tour

11. Take a Tour
: This may sound ridiculous but TAKE A TOUR on your staycation! There really is nothing like a tour to allow you to relive the experiences that initially drew you here. Explore New York in the manner of a tourist and see the view that you too often ignore.