In case you missed it, Basic Mitch was your average guy living a boring, mundane life. Until he found Vimbly, that is. His whole life was turned around, and now he has a week full of scheduled activities to force him out of his comfort zone…

At work on Monday, Basic Mitch just couldn’t quite sit still. He wiggled his fingers on the keyboard with an anxious yet lively vigor. He couldn’t wait for work to end. As 5 o’clock rolled around, Basic Mitch jumped out of his cubicle and ran towards the first day of the rest of his life. The next three days were full of different NYC classes to guide him towards a more fulfilled lifestyle.


(Cue the uplifting indie music.)

Monday: Cooking Class


Basic Mitch only ever bought the same groceries every week because he only ever made the same dishes every week. Basic Mitch learned four recipes from Momma Mitch, and he’s been cycling through them for dinner ever since. But he decided it was time to change that. His taste buds were bored.

Wanting to diversify, Mitch signed up for a cooking techniques class, specializing in roasting, sauté-ing and steaming foods. He found himself surprisingly competent at most things learned, and by the end of the night he felt confident he could start experimenting with many more dinner dishes.

He was also surprised to discover that the big metal box in his kitchen was an oven. This whole time, he thought he had two dishwashers.

Tuesday: Photography Class


With such a full slate of activities up ahead, Basic Mitch thought it prudent to learn how to beautifully capture all of the amazing memories he was about to make. Plus, he was tired of the default profile picture silhouettes. He never really thought they looked like him, anyway.

To prepare, Basic Mitch bought himself a DSLR with the most current and hip sequence of numbers and letters, and set off to capture the sunset at Battery Park. There he learned that a model number does not necessarily make a model photo. He also learned about all the different settings and techniques to elevate, or more accurately give life to, his photography game.

He has already begun to dream about selling prints on Etsy.

Wednesday: Improv Class


Believe it or not, Basic Mitch’s coworkers never found his jokes to be funny. Wanting to be the Seinfeld of the office, Basic Mitch headed down to an improv class on Wednesday, to prepare himself to bring the laughs to any situation.

It didn’t really go well. For most of the class, Basic Mitch’s bits fell flat, and he messed up his cues. However, Basic Mitch persevered. It’s one of his few good traits. Following advice and ignoring eye rolls and glares, Basic Mitch got a slight chuckle out of someone by the end of the class.

Basic Mitch’s Halftime Report


When Basic Mitch went home Wednesday night, he found himself feeling the most tired he’s felt in a while, but also the most happy and fulfilled. This Vimbly week was supposed to help him find a hobby or two to pick up, but so far he’s enjoyed everything he’s done, and wants to continue ALL of these hobbies in the future.

Giddy with his success, he decided to treat himself to an episode or twenty of Law and Order with Cat.

As he went to bed, he dreamt of the activities to come…