In case you missed it, Basic Mitch was just an average, boring guy until one week he started trying new activities with Vimbly. Read on to find out about the fun NYC activities he tried at the end of the week…

Thursday morning the alarm clock rang and Basic Mitch practically jumped as high as Cat when he sees a cucumber. He was eager. Hungry. Ready for more action.

He’d had so much fun with Vimbly this week –nothing could bring him down. Excited to take more in, Basic Mitch got ready for work, already counting down the seconds until he could leave and get back on that activity high.

Thursday: Coffee Tour

shutterstock_439341949Starbucks was the coffee epicenter of Basic Mitch’s basic, basic world. There were so many selections on the menu, yet all he ever ordered was his trusty small black coffee with room for milk. He wanted to know more. Forget the Starbucks Green Mermaid, Basic Mitch could do better. 

So, like the coffee connoisseur Basic Mitch aspired to be, he embarked on a coffee tour. Here is where he would learn more about the history and flavor profiles of authentic simplistic brews such as the Vanilla Frappuccino and the Chai Tea Latte.

Basic Mitch’s worldview of coffee was blown wide open, as he learned about roasts, bean types and actual (can you believe it?) coffee beverages like the cappuccino and espresso shots. An espresso shot? As far as Basic Mitch knew, shots were only taken at parties and at celebrities on Twitter beefs.

After that tour, Basic Mitch couldn’t ever quite look at Starbucks the same way. From that day on, Basic Mitch embarked on a mission — to work his way through the entire Starbucks menu. Every. Single. Drink. Even those funny looking green ones.

Friday: Dinner Cruise

What a week. By the time Friday rolled around, Basic Mitch felt more alive than he’d ever felt before. As a congratulations to himself for stepping way out of his comfort zone, Basic Mitch treated himself to a Dinner Cruise, as opposed to the usual celebration, which was ice cream while Netflix-ing with Cat.

As he stepped onto the cruise, Basic Mitch felt a little nervous. Part of it was that this was the first social event he had been to in forever, and part of it was because he now thought it prudent to watch Titanic to prepare himself for a cruise. Needless to say, he had a few hangups about the whole shebang now.

Despite that, Basic Mitch had a ball.

He had never been on a seafaring vehicle before, but thankfully was not the seasick-prone type. And despite one minor drink spill,  no titanic-level crises occurred. The view of the city’s skyline was the stuff of dreams and postcards. The food was delectable and nothing like Basic Mitch had ever tasted. It definitely beat his usual nightly dinner of plain pasta. And to top it all off, he hit it off with a lovely lady named Shelly.


The night went so well, in fact, that Basic Mitch and Shelly made plans to go camping the following day (something he always wanted to do). At first Basic Mitch was a little hesitant, because it meant he would have to cancel his Yoga and Zumba classes, but he figured he’d get the same amount of exercise hiking anyway. So camping it was…

Stay tuned to hear about Basic Mitch in the woods.