Red Sox! Faneuil Hall! Beer! Mark Wahlburg!

Have we got your attention yet, Boston?

If there’s one thing Bostonians know how to do right, it’s get their drank on.

Home to over 100 colleges in the greater Boston area, this proud city is the hub for all things young, fun, and exciting. Dive bars, sports bars, classy bars, ratchet bars — there’s a million for you to choose from when you’re on the search for a hip spot to drink away your workweek blues.

Boston may be known for its Saint Patrick’s Day festivities, but why wait a year to turn up in this city full of nightlife, adventure, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

So with that, we’re spilling the Boston beans on the latest, greatest, best Boston bars for twenty-something-year-olds. Gotta catch ’em all.



  • Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant, Southie
    • The perfect place to feel fancy (dark wood and brick interior) while you get messy (on amazing, decently priced drinks).
  • Loco, Southie
    • For when you know you want $10 cocktails, you just can’t decide if you want tacos or oysters to go with them.
  • Lucky’s, Southie
    • The hardest part is finding it — but once you’re in, it’s hard to beat. Hang out and enjoy live music and unreal food before the DJ comes out and the dance floor fills. Perks? Free coat check, strong dranks.
  • Warden Hall, Southie
    • 40 rotating draft beers. Over 100 whiskeys. Cocktails. Good ‘ol American food.
  • Coppersmith, Southie
    • The best place to bring your needy hipster friend who wants it all: outside seating, phenomenal food, rooftop bar made out of a food truck because why the hell not.
  • Legal Harborside, Southie
    • Because the best place to feel sophisticated and drink cocktails is on a third floor outdoor-patio right on the waterfront. Pinky’s up, betches.
  • Whiskey Priest, Southie
    • Strong. Drinks. If it wasn’t clear by the name, definitely come here if whiskey tickles your drunken fancy.
  • Committee, Fort Point/Seaport
    • Two of your favorite things: authentic Mediterranean food and dope a** cocktails. Pick your poison, though, the good food and stunning atmosphere come with $14 cocktails.
  • Bastille, Seaport
    • It’s decently pricey and closes at 11:00 pm Thursday-Saturday, so it won’t be the place to end your night. But if you’re looking for a nice place to feast on french food and sip from a long list of cocktails, wine, and draft beer, then Bastille is your go-to.
  • Atlantic Beer Garden, Waterfront
    • Go from relaxing waterfront dining to turnt nightclub atmosphere. $19 pitchers + roof terrace = a pub full of happy drunk people.

South End

summer cocktails agave vimbly

  • Barcelona Wine Bar, South End
    • The ultimate destination to get casually hammered off of pitchers of Sangria. Enjoy a taste of Spain without leaving the South End.
  • The Beehive, South End
    • A gorgeous place for the funky-hearted. Live music every night featuring a cool art space and unforgettable cocktails.



  • Lansdowne Pub, Fenway
    • The ultimate Irish pub experience. They thrive on days when the Red Sox are playing and keep the party going with live music even on days they aren’t. Usually only a $5 cover. Guinness.
  • Cask ‘n Flagon, Fenway
    • One of the greatest places for Red Sox fans and college students. As Boston-y as a Boston bar can get.
  • Baseball Tavern, Fenway
    • They advertise themselves as “just a fly ball away from Fenway.” Another one of those can’t-go-wrong pubs with amazing food, live music, and good beer. Chill vibes only.
  • Eastern Standard, Fenway
    • Fenway for the elite. Here’s the place to enjoy higher end meals and drinks post-Red Sox that won’t necessarily be friendly to you wallet. For the fancy shmancy Red Sox fans.
  • Loretta’s Last Call , Fenway
    • Southern belles and gents rejoice. Here’s a southern, cowboy boot friendly, country music-loving bar that will put a permanent smile on your face. With delicious southern comfort food and a good mix of old and new live country music, it’s as Southern as you can get in the North East.

Harvard Square 




  • Hong Kong in Harvard SquareHarvard Square
    • The best bar to please everyone, including the Debbie Downer in your group. With a Chinese restaurant on floor one, a lounge on floor two, and a dance floor on floor three, it’s your one-stop-shop for loud, crazy, late-night Boston. Did we mention scorpion bowls?
  • Beat Brasserie, Harvard Square
    • Hip, relaxing place for live music and no cover charge.

Financial District and Faneuil Hall


  • Howl at the Moon, Financial District
    • Perhaps the greatest place to forget about the week’s troubles with good music, lots of dancing, and an 84 oz drink bucket.
  • Hong Kong in Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall
    • Just when you thought the other Hong Kong bar couldn’t get any better, they added karaoke.
  • Coogans, Financial District
    • $10 cover usually a turn off? Here is your exception. Rowdy. Popular. $1 Drafts. We’ll see you on the other side.
  • Ned Devine’s, Faneuil Hall
    • Some of the best Irish pub food in the business. With their beers, cocktails, and friendly bartenders, you’ll get in the spirit and be drinking like a true Irishman. Cover is worth it to get a beautiful space for some less beautiful drinking shenanigans.
  • Silvertone  Downtown Crossing
    • One of the coolest, dimly lit basement bars you’ll find in Boston. If you’ve got $11 to spend on one cocktail, you’re sure to get a fancy sounding, good tasting one here.
  • Wild Rover, Just East of Faneuil Hall
    • The deal to end all deals: $2 Bud Light drafts. Just make sure to get there before 10:00 pm to make the most of them and avoid the cover charge. Once you’re full of Bud Light and have embarrassed yourself at the karaoke station, hit up their late night kitchen for you drunk munchie fix.

North End


  • Tia’s, North End
    • If the words “college bar” and “touristy” make you giddy, then you’ve found yourself a gem. A favorite of Boston students, this bar may not win you over with fancy etiquette, but it’s likely to be one hell of a good time late at night.
  • Sail Loft, North End
    • Go for the view, stay for the beer, clam chowder, and good prices.

West End


  • The Harp, West End
    • Your go-to sports bar for football and pretty much anything else. Once the game is over, check out the live band upstairs and the dance floor downstairs. Also, pub food. So…

Back Bay/Beacon Hill


  • Hill TavernBeacon Hill
    • Casual neighborhood pub for when you need a fix of beer, sports, and comfort food. Also, old bay wings — yeah, we didn’t know that was a thing either.
  • Brahmin, Back Bay
    • An American cuisine and cocktail bar that knows how to turn up. When the clock strikes 10 o’clock, the tables are moved and the dance floor fills with a group of young people ready to make mistakes.

Not Quite Boston But Close Enough


  • Lord Hobos, Cambridge
    • Your go-to for a small hipster bar with amazing craft beer. And Instagram-able brunch if you’re into that sort of thing.
  • Publick House, Washington Square Brookline
    • For when you want a wicked good beer bar with a staff that knows what’s up.
  • Saloon, Davis Square
    • The basement speakeasy of your dreams. Not exactly cheap, but worth the splurge for the cool antique feel.
  • Wonder Bar, Allston
    • Another college gem full of students, fairly priced drinks, and that one-of-a-kind fratty feel.
  • Tavern in the Square , Allston
    • Better recognized by the name of TITS, which is what the flock of college students who charge here on the weekend have named it. With 9 locations, it’s all the perfect place to relive your undergrad glory days.