There’s just over three months until the population hits the voting booths to determine our nation’s next leader. Even since the most preparatory stages of this election season, there have been curve balls and


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surprises that shocked the nation. Who would’ve thought Hillary Clinton would try and run for President again??

(We’re kidding! Stop laughing so hard!)

But with all the dramatics and craziness we’ve seen thus far in the race to the Oval Office, three months could be more than enough time for an abundance of humorous political faux pa’s to add to everyone’s pre existing collection.

With the help of social media, parody Instagram accounts, and a set of extremely polarizing presidential nominees, 2016 has been an election season full of laughs, tears, and utter disbelief. Read on to chronologically see some of the weirdest, underrated highlights you might’ve missed.  


December 2, 2015: Trump Pulled a Lion King

Everyone knows that to run for president a candidate can’t just be politically savvy, confident, and intelligent — they have to be likeable too. So to do this, Trump channeled his inner Mufasa to gain the love of people who see him as lacking sensitivity and tolerance.  What better way to display your humanity than by lifting a small child in the air, kissing him on the head, and having him restate a question to the masses in the comfort of your iron, below-the-armpit grip?


December 20, 2015: SNL Set the Stage 

Setting the stage for what 2016 was about to bring, Amy Poehler and Kate Mckinnon graced us all with their performance of “A Hillary Christmas.” The star comedians, with the help of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, reminded us how much election season can resemble a reality show, giving us a pot of comedic gold without even meaning to. 


April 16, 2016: Berniechella Happened

Senator Bernie Sanders managed to fuse the boundaries between politicians and musical hipsters by providing an opening speech via video for “Run the Jewels” at Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California. While seeing the Vermont Senator up on the big screen was enough to send flower-crown wearing hippies into a frenzy, what was arguably the greatest part of this video was hearing a potential presidential nominee talk about his close relationship with “Killer Mike.”
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April 27, 2016: Carly Fiorina Forgot This Wasn’t Broadway

As if it wasn’t weird enough that Ted Cruz chose a running mate so early in the race, his chosen partner then decided to sing her about her excitement. On live TV. Carly Fiorina graced us all with a musical ode to Cruz’s daughters, whom we anticipate will now hear this creepy little tune playing in their nightmares. Sweet dreams, little girlies.


June 9, 2016: The Candidates Got in a Twitter War

Welcome to 2016. Why limit cutting remarks to political debates when you have Twitter to unleash 140 characters worth of angst? The entire world got to witness the back and forth between Hillz and Trump as they let out some steam on the twitosphere, reminding us vaguely of how we millennials used to handle our high school issues. Take it to the bird. @Hillz @Trump #areyouforeal

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July 12, 2016: George Bush Got Inappropriately Jiggy With It

One of these things is not like the other. At a memorial service in Dallas to honor the lives of 5 Policemen killed in an ambush at a rally against police brutality, George Bush felt the vibes of the music a little too much. While he wasn’t exactly droppin’ it low to the beat of “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,” he swayed from side to side with a grin from ear to ear while standing in a line with a much more somber set of political leaders. Cue George Bush raising a nation’s worth of eyebrows and Michelle Obama getting stuck in the position of a parent trying to quiet his or her nutcase child without anyone noticing.


July 15, 2016: Trump Chose an Interesting Logo — Then Changed It

As one of the more humble and reserved political candidates we’ve ever seen, it came as a huge shock that Trump first released such a titillating campaign logo for himself and Pierce. Ha. The bigger surprise was that an entire series of gifs and memes were released in response to this T-inside-the-P logo. Things got weird…causing Trump changed the logo to something a little more PG.

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July 20, 2016: Michelle Obama Did This

As a somewhat ode to the White House and informal goodbye to her role as First Lady, Michelle Obama joined other celebs in an appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. All political stances aside, it’s pretty hard not to love a first lady who can rap to Missy Elliot and whip out dance moves from a Beyonce music video. Can I hear a yaaas queen?


July 27, 2016: Our Nation Handled Issues with Forced Flatulence

Because we’re a generation of mature, experienced professionals in the midst of an election that affects our country and its relationship with the rest of the world, the population is handling disagreements with elegance, class, and bean farts. Wednesday, July 27th Bernie supporters decided to let members of the Democratic National Convention feel the fiery burn of their flatulence as a statement about their disappointment in Hillary as the chosen Democratic nominee. TBD on whether this flatulence method will be effective in other efforts, such as improving gender equality or combatting terrorism.

Yes, we said “fart-in”…