From grungy young hipsters to straight-edge, Lilly Pulitzer wearing mothers; from pristine new-born infants to that raisin-y looking neighbor no one can believe is still alive. Everybody, anywhere loves music.

Whether it’s the bouncy notes of Taylor Swift’s man-hater tracks, the oldie but goodies from that Guns and Roses CD you still play in your Sony Walkman, or the chill vibes of modern indie albums where all the sad, slow songs kind of sound the same. 

Everyone has something that gets a foot tapping to the beat.

But when you hear the band name “Fifth Harmony,” do you think “Musical Genius”? Maybe you’re just a little too into the top 10 hits — more than what is considered socially acceptable these days?

You, my friend, are considered “basic” in the music world.  Have no shame.

But as a top-10-lover, it is likely you have that hipster best friend who lives to talk about music. They talk about their love for music even more than they like to listen to it, and never fail to remind you that they “found that song before it got famous.”


This is usually the same friend who one-ups you at a party by reminiscing about that totally chill underground concert they went to barefoot the other night, where Sick Puppies played their new album with the moon as their only light, and everyone in the audience left spiritually enlightened.

Suddenly your public performance of rapping every lyric to Nicki Minaj’s “Monster” seems less cool.

So you’re a little more basic. Maybe not as in touch with the hipster scene? Well have no fear basic betches, there are ways to impress your hipster best friend. You need not live in his or her indie shadow any longer.

  1. Marvel at the Ease of Spotify

shutterstock_333019184If you aren’t a natural born hipster with the uncanny ability to predict the next big hit, log into Spotify and discover the ease of finding new, under-the-radar music without even trying to. The work is already done for you, with playlists available to target your wannabe hipster needs.

Steer clear of the playlists titled “Teen Pop!” or “Songs That Get Basic Drunk Girls Excited,” and instead opt for the “Feel Good Indie Rock” or the “Hipster Vibes” collections that will expand your musical horizons to that of your anything-but-basic friend. Fake it ‘til you make it, right?

  1.    Bask in the Nostalgia of Cover Bandslive-music-show-7

It’s impossible to always be the one finding new music first, so try impressing your friend with a revival of the old-timer’s. The perks? You’ll already know all the songs and won’t get stuck with a one-hit-wonder band attempting to promote tracks no one knows from their new album. (Yes, Fountains of Wayne, we’re looking at you. No one wants to hear anything but Stacy’s Mom.)

Watching a cover band will guarantee you a crowd full of excited groupies, and a cool new twist on music you know you love. We recommend Café Wha?, where the house band is sure to give you your fix of Rock n’ Roll and Reggae music.

  1.    Did You Say Free?!

Not even the biggest music snob in the world would pass up a free concert. Do your homework (or let us do it for you) and find one of the upcoming free shows to drag that hipster friend of yours to. It may not be his or her idea of Coachella Weekend 1, but it’ll save you about $400 dollars, a flight across the country, and a flower crown.  Free > Anything.  

  1.    Learn an Instrument
3 chord wonder

The 3-chord wonder

What’s more impressive than knowing the lyrics to the new song by Cold War Kids? Being able to strum it for your friends on a guitar. Watch your hipster friends’ jaws drop when you show off the soothing notes of one of the coolest up and coming indie rock bands.  With the option of online tutorials, Guitar Books for Dummies, or one-on-one lessons, your basic music ways will be behind you in no time.  Did you know the chorus to Neutral Milk Hotel’s “In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” is only four different chords…? Get strumming.

So if your indie best friends have been bragging a little too much about their off-the-beaten-path ways, keep them in check with a reminder that you too can be the music guru they all aspire to be. 

You’re more than just a Top-40 Shorty, so prove it to your friends with some of these tips. We’ll find you with a guitar in hand at the next dimly lit, under-publicized Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros concert.