Hey Vimbleers — we have some exciting news to share!

We have new partnerships with Bing and Yahoo, making booking activities through Vimbly even easier!  I know you’re probably thinking, “How can booking on Vimbly get any easier than it already is?” Valid question — let us explain.

Now you can search for our partners on Bing and Yahoo and book Vimbly approved activities, tours and classes with just a few simple clicks.  We’re loving this integration so far and hope you find it useful.

Want to know what this will look like? See below for screenshots so you know exactly what these new partnerships are all about.

When searching for one of our partners on Yahoo, you can click on “Make an Appointment” to book in just a few steps:


Next, you will see this page where you can select which activity you would like to book:


The Bing integration looks like this on Desktop:


On mobile, if you search for a vendor on Bing, you’ll see the following:




Ba-da-Bing! (pun intended)

You can now book easily on your computer or on the go. But always remember, don’t Vimbly and drive!


Happy bookings!

Team Vimbly