Here at Vimbly, your preferred activity booking platform, we’re never short on things to do; there’s always a tour, a class, a riverboat cruise, SOMETHING, to occupy our time. But there was a time — and not too long ago, either — when we had to provide our fun. We were wee lads and ladies, and the world was our oyster… and by the world we we mean our backyards and the houses or apartments we grew up in, so there weren’t always a lot of options. But there was one tried and true activity that never went out of style… Hide and Go Seek.

Today we’re honoring one of our all time favorite games. So bust out the camouflage, lace up your hiding boots, and don’t wake the baby — we’re counting down the TOP 10 ALL TIME HIDE AND GO SEEK HIDING SPOTS!

A quick note before we get to the goods. This article is for HIDERS ONLY! Seekers, be gone with ye!


10. In a Laundry Hamper

A tried and true classic, this isn’t among the most ambitious hide and go seek hiding spots, but it’s certainly a good location for beginners. It has the added benefit of cloaking your scent, particularly if the clothes in the hamper are especially soiled.


9.  Under a Blanket in the Middle of the Floor

Best possible result is that your seeker sees the human shaped mound on the floor, immediately realizes the house is haunted, and flees in fear. Instant. Win.


8.  Beneath Another Person

This requires a third party: someone innocently sitting on the couch, watching TV or reading. Have the person stand up, make yourself as small as possible, and curl up where they were sitting. Have them sit back down.

You may worry that the Seeker will spot the lumpy shape between the couch and the sitting person, but have no fear: With the size and shape of butts these days, nothing will look out of place.

The cost of being a top hide and go seek player and hiding in top hide and go seek spots... sometimes you get sat on


7. Beneath the Loose Floorboard

This one’s tricky because of the Time Crunch (TC) of the Counting Period, but if you work it nice, you can pry out a nail, push aside the trove of trinkets that other people have hidden under the floor through the years (80’s Playboys, Wham! records), slide in, and have the board back in place before “Ready or Not Here I Come! (RoNHIC!)”

Bonus points if you stay down there and torment people with periodic “Tell-Tale Heart”-style thumping.


6. Behind a Human Shaped Object

When you look around a living room at all the objects that just so happen to be shaped like a human, it makes you wonder: Were these designed specifically for hide and seek? Whether it’s a thin floor lamp that rises in a straight vertical line from the ground, similar to the human spine, or a broom, which has spindles touching the ground in the same way that your feet touch the ground, there are many objects shaped JUST LIKE YOU that you can hide behind.

Is a hedge a human-shaped object? Depends on the shape of the human. Regardless, still a top hide and go seek hiding spot.


5. In The Fish Tank

A caveat with this one: Its success depends on how new your fish tank is. If the tank has only been in the house for a few weeks, it’s likely that the novelty has not yet worn off, and you’ll be spotted immediately. But if the tank’s older than a month, most likely the seeker will look right through you. After all, what we always see, we never see, right?  


4. As a Member of the Opposite Gender

This is also called “The Bugs Bunny Special”. If you’re a man, you’re going to need a dress, a wig, and some lipstick. Shaving your legs wouldn’t hurt either, but we know you’re in a TC (Time Crunch). Women, on the other hand, will want to put on a flannel shirt, jeans, and some lumberjack boots. Hide your hair under some sort of a hat, and magic marker on a beard (black, brown, blonde, or red, preferably).

A downside to this one is that your seeker may become distracted by the sexy stranger that’s suddenly appeared in his or her house, and begin showering you with kisses. Wait, did I say “a downside”? I meant “an added bonus”.

Bugs Bunny may not have invented this all-time great hide and go seek technique, but he certainly perfected it


3. The Medicine Cabinet

One of a handful of all or nothing hide and go seek hiding spots, certainly. Imagine a medicine cabinet filled with marbles. What would happen if you opened the cabinet?  The same thing that will happen to you if your Seeker checks it while you happen to be hiding there! Your goose will be cooked!


2. In the Shame Chamber

There’s very little chance any Seeker would WILLINGLY enter the Shame Chamber. If you think you can handle this as a hiding spot, then you’ve got a blank check for hide and seek riches, my friend.


1. Right behind the seeker

You may need special quiet sneakers for this one. Go to an athletic footwear store (located in a mall near you) and ask for the quietest shoes they have. They may look askew at you, so explain that you’re interested for Hide and Go Seek Reasons. This will perk their interest, but they still may play hardball. Tell them Vimbly sent you — and you’ll be walking out with those shoes at a discount.

Use your specially-quiet shoes to stay constantly one step ahead of (by which I mean behind) The Seeker. If he or she goes into the kitchen, you go into the kitchen. If they look up, you look up. And if they turn around, you……duck and hope they don’t look down.

This is an advanced technique, there’s no denying it. Fortunately, it comes with extra-prep time, because there is virtually no distance to travel during the Counting Period (CP). So use that time to stretch and limber up, because you’ll be making lots of fast movements trying to avoid your Seeker’s gaze.

This cutie's falling victim to the best ever hide and go seek hiding spots



And there you have it: 10 foolproof Hide and Go Seek Hiding Spots, GUARANTEED to leave your Seeker stumped. Unless, that is, your dastardly Seeker happened to read this article as well. In which case, the game is ruined and you’ll have to find something else to do. But barring shenanigans, if you employ these hiding spots, you should have a Hide and Go Seek victory well in the bag. Your Seeker will likely spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours searching for your body, before giving up and deciding to do something else… like building a terrarium, or baking French Macarons


Happy hiding! And may the luck of the Vimbly shine upon ye.