Local dude operating an underground bungee scene off the Brooklyn Bridge.

These are some of New York’s finest thrill seekers. For too many New Yorkers, adventures disappear. The thrill is gone. Vimbly wants to introduce some more action into your life. We’ve compiled a list of ten awesome adrenaline-inducing activities right here in NYC:

1. Learn the ancient art of Samurai Sword Fighting: “…he threw me to the floor and took one swipe with his Katana, slicing my ear” said Shredder, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle nemesis and victim of Leonardo’s (the blue one) samurai sword. A samurai sword class placates the desires of not only NYC thrill seekers but also every TMNT obsessed child of the ‘90s.

2. Swim the New York Waterways: Stop swimming at the local pool! Open-water swimming provides a challenging twist to the mundane community or apartment pool. Swim right in the river and tackle some waves!

3. Go white water rafting at the nearest rapids: Fun activity or dangerous sport? Probably part both. How could it not be both? It’s fun because, well, you fight nature for an adrenaline-packed twelve hours—digging in and out of rapids. And it’s dangerous because, obviously, you fight nature for twelve hours! Surrounded by majestic scenery, white water rafting’s a great way to adventure outside and discover the outdoors.

4. Jet Ski on the Hudson: Hmm. We’ve seen the NYC skyline from both its highest point and from the lowest point on the streets. How about being an outsider looking in? Surf around Manhattan: To the Statue of Liberty, Coney Island, and Brooklyn Bridge. Jetting through the waterways at high speeds on this thrill seeking adventure, it’d be enough to make James Bond smirk.

5. Plant Oysters in the Hudson:  In the 1800’s, New York’s waterways were home to an abundant oyster supply. Today, the supply’s dwindled. No longer filtering the waters of the Hudson, organizations like Plant a Fish are working to repopulate the waterways with these shelled crustaceans. Volunteer, learn scuba, and dive into the water to help regenerate NYC wildlife.

6. View life in a different way imaginable at the Bodies Exhibit: Bodies Exhibit provides a different kind of thrill, a mental thrill, a startle, imbuing deep reflection. Explore the human body in its many forms: stripped of muscle, veins, and organs. If you’re looking for an educational thrill, emotional thrill, or simply excitement, Bodies Exhibit can, and will, alter your perception of what “human” means.

7. Flip your routine with trapeze: Searching for an action-packed adventure—one to make Al Pacino yell (well, he’ll do that anyways)? If you didn’t know, Cirque du Soleil acrobatics reside in your backyard. Ever dreamed of flipping through the air…or falling from twenty feet high? With a Trapeze lesson, you’ll learn essential poses, sequences, and secrets behind flying high and, hopefully, landing.

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8. Accomplish Accomplice: “Professor Plumb…in the Kitchen…with the Revolver??” Imagine solving a real, interactive mystery on the streets of New York. Imagine walking up to strangers and asking for a clue—sometimes it’s an actor, sometimes a confused tourist. Who knows? With Accomplice, participants rush through the NYC streets and alleys, solving a particular crime case. It’s like Law & Order but without Stabler and Benson.

9. Conquer your X-Games Dreams: Ain’t nothing wrong with a lot of grind…in skateboarding. Harness your inner “Sk8r Boi” or “Grl” with NYC’s Skateboarding School. Whether you’re a complete beginner simply trying to balance on the board or an advanced skater trying to 540 McTwist (no, that’s not a new Dollar Menu item), the Skateboarding School can and will help you live X-Games glory–or rekindle your teen spirit.

10. Sleep No More in NYC: Inside the McKittrick Hotel hides an interactive, murderous Macbeth mystery. Blindfolded, the theatrical performance begins. From there, you’ll follow the actors and actresses throughout the hotel. Some performers provide a kitch experience, while others aim to make you sleep no more.


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