Congratulations! You’ve both established that neither of you are serial killers (maybe just kleptomaniacs or jaywalkers). You’ve exchanged suggestive emojis. You’re not weirded out by each other’s chat lingo tendencies. Yup, it’s official. You’ve graduated step one: virtual compatibility. Now it’s time for #nofilter – the real deal. You’ve got yourself a first date with someone who could be the swipe of your life.


Date 1: Liquids Only

New York City is full of amazing things to do, but please try to curb your enthusiasm. Let’s get real: this is the first time you’re meeting the other person. Sure, we’re of a generation equipped with superhuman thumbs, but Tinder chat doesn’t let you in on bad B.O. or a voice that takes you back to Chip and Dale days. You need a low time commitment activity that will maximize conversation. Coffee, tea, or cocktails are classic. Not only are they both universally appreciated hangouts (then again, this is Tinder – maybe someone from Jersey snuck into your feed), but they’re also quick and casual.


Date 2: Neighborhood Discoveries

A second date means you’ve decided that they’re interesting enough to spend a few hours with, so solid food is a go. But you live in Greenpoint, and they live in Stuy Town, so use the geographic disparity to your advantage.

Find a new neighborhood to explore together. Feast on cannoli in Little Italy or soup dumplings in Chinatown, a desserts-only menu in Greenwich Village, or have a Brooklyn pizza fest. Walk off the impending food coma and let the insulin rush take you into the promise of a third date.


Date 3: Show Off Your Good Bad Side

You’ve captivated them with whiskey-fueled conversation and impressed them with your willingness to seek out ramen in a basement noodle shop in Flushing. Yeah, they can handle you at your best. But do they know that you’re super uncoordinated and more-than-slightly pigeon toed? Well, now’s the time for them to find out!

Show them you’re not afraid to look ridiculous at a twerking class (because, really, you’re both going to look ridiculous). Get highbrow-cultured at a VIP tour of the Met or lowbrow-cultured at a Japanese game show.


Date 4: Get Physical

You like spending time with each other, but how do you work as a team? There are multiple ways to find out! Mimic a jailbreak in a puzzle room, where you have to put your minds together to escape. For even more intimacy, save each other’s brains! Or why not tap into The Amazing Race scavenger hunt style at Central Park? At this point, perhaps you’ve found a special kind of swipe-right love.


Date 5: You’re On Your Own

You’ve made it this far with just a little help from us. Activity suggestions? We think you can take it from here!