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    Stage Combat

    You know that crazy sword fight scene in your favorite movie? The one where you root for the hero to “win already!?” Yet at the same time you secretly hope the scene never ends? This program will teach you how to prepare for a scene just like that! This introductory class will show you all the crazy techniques and skilled acting you'll need to bring a heated fight to the stage or screen. You'll learn sword fighting, staff fighting, empty hand choreography, and how to maneuver your body through mock brawls and safe falls! Whether you’re interested in acting for theater or film, you'll be equipped with the skills you need to bring a ravishing performance to the audience. It's a creative, exciting, and safe place for teens and adults to stage their combat skills.
    Stage Combat

    103 Terrace Hall Ave, Burlington

    • Give the audience a taste of your fierce performance skills with a stage combat and acting class
    • Discover the secrets of making a fake fight look as real and entrancing as actual combat
    • Learn stage fighting with a variety of different weapons, including swords and staffs, and also relevant choreography
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