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    Adult Hip Hop and Breakdancing (Newton)

    Star Dance School
    Whether you're bumpin' to high tempos or keeping it smooth to a slow jam, this hip hop and breakdancing class will teach you how to be the most entertaining dancer on the floor. Here, you'll learn how to keep rhythm with these contemporary styles of dance and get in great shape while having a good time! Get ready to become swift and move with finesse on the dance floor with your newly honed skills in breaking, locking, and popping. The fundamentals of these styles of dance will be taught, and you will practice using them in conjunction with each other. Here, you will have the unique opportunity to challenge your body to get or stay in great shape with fun and energetic dancing. Come show the world who's the real one with flow!
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    African Dance

    Alice Heller Dance
    Get in touch with African culture by learning the basics of African dance and rhythm. Communicate with your body and soul by participating in community dance circles, and by listening to live drumming and music. During this African dance class, your body is your most powerful voice. So widen your horizons and learn how to sway your body and movements to African rhythms. Let the drums guide the beat to your heart.
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    Bhangra Dance

    Boston Bhangra
    You've probably heard of Bollywood, well, get ready, cause Bhangra has more color, more music, and more excitement! There's something special about this traditional Agricultural folk music and dance originating from the Punjab region of India; it keeps its dancers cheerful and its audience captivated and smiling wide. Now it's your turn to master this lively performance. In class, you'll go through the many energetic movements set to pounding, awesome music. Learn the fundamentals of this inspirational cultural dance, and dance away to the pounding rhythmic beats. You are sure to also get a great workout! Bhangra may be traditional, but it never stops evolving, and it keeps the heart pumping!
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    Beginner Belly Dancing

    Seyyide Dance
    What's the best way to shape your body? Via belly dancing, of course! In this beginner-friendly class, you'll focus on the basics of Raks Sharqi, an Egyptian style of belly dance. You'll follow along to the instructions of a trained dancer who will take you through the basic moves of this style known for undulations, vibrations, and sharp accents. Once you're comfortable with the basics, you'll practice transitional movements, which will allow you to put together interesting combinations and eventually build a routine. All the while you'll be gracefully moving your hips and belly to music! Plus, you'll get a core workout like no other, in addition to improving coordination, cardiovascular health, and flexibility! It's time to shake on over to this class!
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