Seamm Jasani and Boabom Intro Class (ONLINE)

What to expect
  • Experience the basics of two different meditative arts: Boabom and Seamm Jasani
  • Achieve an equilibrium between your body and mind with Seamm Jasani
  • Improve your reflexes, agility, and balance through Boabom
Get an introduction to both Seamm Jasani and Boabom and decide which of the two is better suited for you!

Seamm Jasani, or "gentle Boabom," consists of slow and fluid movements designed to improve your coordination and build an equilibrium between your body and mind. The roots of this art come from ancient Tibetan traditions for Eternal Youth, and its practice will serve to increase your health, mental vitality, and longevity, as well as to combat depression through a combination of relaxation with active movements and breathing forms.

Boabom is best described as the "Art of Self-Healing through Self-Defense." This non-contact art will introduce you to new movements, stretches, and challenges that will help you develop faster reflexes, agility, self-control, balance, speed, concentration, and internal energy. You will study a precise and extraordinary form of defense and perfect it through an improvised dance while awakening your self-confidence and internal force.

Note: This is a free-trial class for first time students only.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 45 min
# Sessions 1
Rating 5 positive reviews
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