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    Maybe you’re a peacemaker at heart. Maybe you like making your opponents look like raging fools. In either case, aikido is right for you. This Japanese self-defense style is almost Zen. By using a combination of turning movements, throws, and joint locks, aikido practitioners can quickly subdue assailants with efficient ease without doing lasting harm. During this free introductory class, you'll learn a few of these techniques for yourself under the guidance of an aikido master. In the process of learning this highly effective self-defence method, you'll also get a great workout, while enhancing your physical and mental discipline. Bruce Lee tested, Gandhi approved!

    33 Harrison Ave, Boston

    • Find out what the martial arts style of aikido is all about during a trial class
    • Discover a form of self-defense that keeps both you and your attacker from harm
    • Gain the self-discipline and physical benefits that come from practicing aikido
    • Develop the self-confidence to protect yourself should the need ever arise
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