Xing Yi (Chinatown)

What to expect
  • Learn a martial arts style that values quick decisions and self-empowerment over passivity
  • Master a discipline that supports natural body mechanics and efficient strikes
  • Build stamina, core strength, and a sharpened mental focus
  • Develop self-assurance in a high-tempo and collaborative environment of peers
Tired of getting your lunch money stolen in the office cafeteria? Wedgies in the gym locker room? Noogies at family reunions? Learn kung fu, and take back your dignity!

Featuring Xing Yi, an explosive style derived from traditional Chinese martial arts, this class will teach you to be proactive offensively and take the fight to your opponent.

Xing Yi fuses quick thinking with powerfully efficient attacks to surprise and subdue, turning the tables on the aggressor-victim relationship. As such, it is ideally suited to helping smaller combatants take on larger foes (.i.e, bullies).

In addition to teaching you an effective form of martial artistry, this class will develop your mental and physical strength, so that should the situation ever arise, you can defend yourself with the conviction that you're in control.

Shirk your passive tendencies, and find yourself rising to any occasion, whether it be in a fight or day-to-day life. And say goodbye to the wedgies.

Note: The classes are held at Boston Ultimate Fitness- 33 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA 02111 USA.
Key Highlights
Price Free!
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
This is a free trial class for first time attendees only. As a courtesy to fellow participants, please provide a 24 hour cancellation notice.

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