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    Inspired By Art: Painting Workshop for Two

    The famous Italian painter, Giotto di Bondone once said, "Every painting is a voyage into a sacred harbour." Sounds a bit outdated, but he lived in the 14th century -- let's cut the guy some slack. How's this for an amendment? "Every painting is a voyage into a fun night. Particularly if you're allowed to bring wine or beer." Better, right? Fortunately, you don't have to be a medieval Florentine artist to enjoy a laid-back night of painting with a friend. Turns out, anybody can benefit from this. You might be thinking, "but I can barely draw a lopsided oval." Here's the thing: It doesn't matter. You'll have friendly instructors to help you. And even if you're still hopelessly inept, who cares? It's all about the voyage into your sacred harbour (read: drinking booze and having a good time).
    Inspired By Art: Painting Workshop for Two

    172 Shrewsbury St, Worcester

    • Foster your creativity in a painting class for you and a friend or SO
    • Bring along your favorite beer or wine to calm your nerves
    • Let friendly instructors teach you tricks of the trade
    • Get away from the familiar bar scene for a night of fun and creativity
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