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    Flame Working TEEN CAMP- 4 day Summer Intensives

    Flame working takes glass into a small and delicate world, teens interested in focusing on color and fine details will enjoy the flame studio. In this class, teens will learn how to make beautiful glass beads using a stationary bench torch. They will be working on a mandrel, using soft glass to build colorful glass pieces. After a discussion of studio set-up and safety, demonstrations will introduce students to the use of heat and gravity to shape molten glass. Techniques such as dot application, marvering, stringers, annealing and bead cleaning, will all be covered. In the afternoon students will move into the kiln forming studio. Here they will assemble pieces of glass that they will heat in the kiln to create a fused piece of glass. Their first assignment will be to make some pendants. They will learn basic glass cutting techniques, along with kiln forming and color theory to create coasters and plates.
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    Flame Working TEEN CAMP- 4 day Summer Intensives

    123 Terrace St, Boston

    • Learn how to melt and manipulate, shape and color molten glass at a bench torch
    • 4 consecutive days of class time will allow studentd to receive a comprehensive introduction to the art of flame working
    • Create your own, unique glass pieces
    • No experience necessary
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