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    Boxing Bootcamp

    Firicano Boxing & Fitness Center
    Want to be a boxer from the school of Dempsey, Ali, or even Rocky? This is an old school boxing workout, where you will focus on the technique of the "sweet science." You'll burn calories and tighten up your arm, shoulder, leg, and core muscles while learning to hit the heavy, speed and double-end bags the proper way. You will engage in partner drills to uncover the defensive side of boxing, with such practices as footwork techniques, head movements, and defensive hand positions. This class is a great workout as well as a self-defense introduction, giving you a new skill to add to your life!
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    Carlos Neto Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    Fancy this: You find yourself in the middle of a fight with Chuck Norris. Assuming he's feeling merciful that day, you'll be able to hold your own against the boss himself after taking this beginners kickboxing class! Learn how to kick butt as you simultaneously get your butt kicked by this amazing cardio pumping martial arts workout. Build strength in every muscle in your body as you gain far greater flexibility and fluidity of movement. Through intense drills and weight training, learn practical self defense skills while gaining self-confidence and maybe even mastering that trademark roundhouse kick!
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