What to expect
  • Experience a dynamic cardio workout combining boxing, kickboxing, core strengthening, and toning and sculpting routines
  • Gain muscle, strength, and confidence as you push yourself to the limit
  • Practice various punches, kicks, roundhouses, jabs, and more
  • Improve coordination as you execute challenging combinations
During this Kickboxing workout you'll have a dynamic cardio experience that combines boxing, kickboxing, core strengthening, and toning and sculpting routines.

First up, you'll learn to properly wrap your hands so you won't injure yourself later as you work the bags. Then, you'll lay the proper foundation for your kickboxing workout by performing a series of stretches to get your body limber and ready for the intense cardio to come. Your trainer will go over kickboxing and boxing fundamentals, including front kicks, roundhouses, back kicks, jabs, crosses, and hooks, and then you'll do a series of innovative toning and sculpting exercises. You'll build muscle, strength, and confidence as this class was designed to burn 1,000 calories when performed at peak intensity. Get ready to kick some butt!

Note: This is a free trial class for first time students only. Gloves will be available for use.
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Duration / Session 1 hour
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