Tai Chi/Chi Gong

What to expect
  • Train in the martial arts disciplines of Tai Chi and Chi Gong
  • See the unique physical and mental components of both
  • Explore breathing control, introspection, external movements, whole body use, and twisting
  • Develop a keen knowledge of yourself and the world around you as you develop speed and mental clarity
Looking for a martial arts program that emphasizes the mind as much as the body? This Tai Chi and Chi Gong class will be a great introduction to the exercises and movements of these unique disciplines. You'll learn body control, balance, and timing as part of this specific training. Once you begin to absorb the foundation of this art, you'll begin to see more intrinsic and internal benefits. Breathing control, flexibility, and mental focus will be of important value as they add unifying components to your training. Feel what it's like to learn where the physical and mental worlds converge and interchange.
Key Highlights
Price $25.00 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
The are no refunds; all sales are final. However, you may reschedule if notice is provided prior to scheduled class.

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