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— Boxing
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    Time to put your boxing gloves on and step into the ring! This boxing class will teach you the fundamentals of boxing: strong footwork, good punches and blocks, conditioning, and intense concentration. You'll focus on sharpening your skills, and train in an environment that helps bring out your fiercest inner-fighter. Endurance, reflexes, and overall strength will be increased as you work your way towards fitness, self-defense, and boxing dominance. Physical training and mental discipline will come together and get you into great shape. Come show us your best punches!

    84 Eastern Ave., Malden

    • Learn the fundamentals of boxing such as jabs and hooks
    • Work on the punches, blocks, and footwork routines necessary for the ring
    • Build physical fitness and mental toughness while getting into great shape
    • Come learn what it takes to throw a great jab, punch, and right and left hook
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    Jump roping montages may be more cinematic magic than reality. Nevertheless, you can still see your boxing skills grow from basic understanding to maximum achievement. In this class, you will have all the resources to build your endurance and self-defense capabilities, and gain a competitive edge. Trained professionals will guide you through your learning process and help you reach your best and strongest self. The best techniques and training methods of professionals and amateurs will be taught for your use. There will also be a full-body fitness workout, cardiovascular exercises, and crucial strength training. Increase muscle tone, relieve stress, build self-confidence, and enhance your overall health and fitness. Come experience the full ride of boxing training!

    700 Mystic Ave, Somerville

    • Sharpen your boxing skills under the guidance of professionals
    • Relieve stress, increase muscle tone, and build your self-defense capabilities
    • Embrace a full-body fitness workout and cardiovascular exercise with crucial strength training
    • Becomed skilled while getting an excellent workout that will put your body to the test
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