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    Martial Arts/Boxing

    You’re getting bored of the same workout routine everyday: Monday, weights then treadmill; Tuesday, weights then treadmill; Wednesday… what do you know? Weights then treadmill. Switch it up and kick up the intensity of your workout with this high-energy boxing class at Midwest Training Center! Start off by learning the foundations of this popular martial art and combat sport. If you put your mind to it, you will increase your strength, speed, and endurance, sharpening your reflexes as you practice a series of offensive and defensive maneuvers. Don’t expect your coach to give you a break! You’ll be pushed to your physical limits. You will grunt. You will wheeze. And you will unintentionally curse at your coach as you perform every extra set you think you can’t do. But at the end of the hour, after you catch your breath, you will feel on top of the world! The instructor for this boxing class is Shannon States, an experienced trainer who has coached and conditioned famous names like Felice Herrig, a female mixed martial arts fighter.
    Martial Arts/Boxing

    455 E State Pkwy, Schaumburg

    • Learn the fundamentals of boxing, a high-intensity martial art and combat sport
    • Practice throwing and dodging punches -- your instructor will keep you on your toes
    • Increase your strength, speed, and endurance and sharpen your reflexes
    • Take pride in training under Shannon States, an experienced boxing coach
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