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    Adult Jiu Jitsu

    Though Jiu Jitsu is a fighting discipline that focuses on grappling, you will be introduced to many other facets of the fighting arts in this class. You will learn styles from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also Small Circle Jiu Jitsu to have a creative repertoire of knowledge. Grappling skills will be emphasized, but you will also learn various takedowns, locks, and chokes. These elements will come together and give you the skills and abilities you need to be a fierce competitor in a fight. Your physical and mental focus will also sharpen from your training. With dedication and practice, no one will feel like an intimidating opponent to you.
    Adult Jiu Jitsu

    427 Main St, Melrose

    • Learn Jiu Jitsu's essential grappling techniques, elements of Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, and takedowns
    • Train to become a competitive fighter
    • Develop a mindset for practicing martial arts that is focused, prepared, and confident
    • Covers the many forms, maneuvers and styles of Jiu Jitsu
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