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— Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
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    Beginner BJJ - No Gi

    Want to get a grip on your self-defense goals? Hit the ground rolling with BJJ! BJJ has risen to become a wildly popular form of martial arts training thanks to its undisputed success in mixed martial arts tournaments and Strong Heart Academy is one of the top Jiu Jitsu and grappling schools in the area! Since practitioners of this style excel in ground fighting, you'll be learning a host of takedown methods to drop your opponent fast. From there, you'll focus on joint locks, chokes, and grappling to submit your opponent. In addition, you'll be developing body control, flexibility, strength, and the motivational benefits that come naturally from martial arts training. Whether for sport, fitness, or protection, jiu-jitsu will put success in your hands!
    Beginner BJJ - No Gi

    3130 E Union Hills Dr, Phoenix

    • Master the fundamentals of one of the most effective martial arts in practice today
    • Learn to overcome opponents with devastating takedowns and grappling techniques
    • Develop second-nature combat reflexes through drills and sparring
    • Gain the mental and physical health benefits that come from studying self-defense
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    Jiu Jitsu

    Yo! Champ in the making! Word on the street is that you're looking for a new workout, a new way to get in the best shape of your life -- and to STAY in the best shape of your life, too! So it's gotta be something that will keep you coming back for more. Here's the prescription for what ails ya: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In this incredible martial arts introductory class, you'll learn all the basics of Jiu Jitsu while getting in an unbelievable workout that will leave you with the body you've always wanted. You'll start out simple, with a cardio warm-up and some fitness drills. Then you'll get into the technical stuff, learning joint-locks and chokeholds. When you feel you're comfortable with it, you'll be able to hop into the ring for some live sparring! People are going to say that they'd kill to have your body. Well, soon enough you'll have the ability to defend yourself.
    Jiu Jitsu

    855 S Bogle Ave, Chandler

    • Get in great shape while learning how to defend yourself
    • Kick, lock, and hold your way into fighting shape
    • Make new friends in a warm and comfortable environment
    • Quit worrying about the bully up the street -- no one will mess with you after THIS upgrade!
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    Brazilian Jui-Jitsu

    Got a problem with a giant? All you need is a little leverage. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) teaches that when it comes to physical confrontation, smarts, body positioning, and joint manipulation will win out over size and strength just about any time. That's why BJJ has risen to become the one of the popular martial arts for self-defense in recent years. This class offers a safe, controlled environment to pick up the fundamentals of this exciting style and develop your situational intelligence through practice and repetition. BJJ is also a great way to get in shape, increasing strength, coordination, and flexibility, while developing your confidence. It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. And the size of the dog's brain.
    Brazilian Jui-Jitsu

    1515 W. Deer Valley Rd, Phoenix

    • Learn the fundamentals of one of the most effective self-defense martial arts in practice today
    • Master a potent style, and develop reaction time and strategic hand-to-hand combat thinking
    • Get a great cardiovascular workout that will also help you develop muscle and body tone
    • Discover a martial art that will push you to your limits and develop your confidence
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