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    BYOB Painting - $35

    A dab here. A dab there. Take a sip. Repeat. Dab, dab, sip. Dab, dab, sip. You can really get into a rhythm with that painting and drinking! In this awesome class at Pinot's Palette Red Bank, you'll learn step-by-step how to create incredible works of art. With the help of an expert instructor, you'll work side by side with your friends or family and put paint to brush, brush to canvas, and glass to lips. And a funny thing happens when you combine art and alcohol -- your art starts to look a lot better. In fact, you might just walk out of there with a masterpiece! How will it look to you in the morning? We can't say.
    BYOB Painting - $35

    20 Ellis St, Staten Island

    • Create an incredible work of art with the help of an expert instructor and some liquid creativity
    • Sip on your favorite wine or beer from the venue's bar and enjoy it while you work side by side with your friends and family
    • Practice your art technique with the help of a professional who will help you work on your technique and answer your questions
    • Have fun and create a piece of art to take home!
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    BYOB Painting (Midtown)

    Ever find yourself strolling through a museum thinking I could do that, no problem? And you go home to find yourself at a loss as to how to even start? If you're looking to recreate famous works of art -- Monet, Picasso, or even Van Gogh -- in one easy sitting, check out this Painting Workshop. In a fun, stress-free environment, let loose with some wine or beer and learn some basic tips from an experienced instructor on how to mimic the strokes of your favorite artist by recreating one of their masterpieces. By the end of the night, you'll be amazed with what you created.
    BYOB Painting (Midtown)

    40 W 38th St, New York

    • Learn step-by-step how to recreate a famous painting from Warhol, Van Gogh, Picasso and others
    • Relieve stress through the creative form of art
    • Put your creative twist on museum staples
    • Sip on your own wine or beer in this fun environment
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