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— Camera Basics
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    Intensive One Day Photography Workshop

    When will you figure out that tapping "Sepia" on Instagram doesn't make you a photographer? Adjusting ISO, aperture, and shutter speed takes you to real photography. In this one-day intensive workshop, learn how your camera works and what you need to consider in order to take amazing photos. You'll cover topics including composition, lighting, black and white photography, digital color photography, base aperture, and shutter speed settings for various shooting situations. During this information-packed day combined with hands-on practice, you will also learn how to work with natural and artificial light. Stop the iPhoneography and master a real camera.
    Intensive One Day Photography Workshop

    4318 N Elston Ave, Chicago

    • Learn the basic functions and intricacies of your camera's settings, such as base aperture and shutter speed
    • Uncover composition, lighting, black and white photography, and digital color photography
    • No experience necessary
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    Beginner Camera Workshop

    Veer away from Instagram and iPhoneography. Take your DSLR off "automatic" and uncover the manual settings. At Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes, you'll learn basic DSLR camera operations, including an overview of camera controls, the exposure meter, and discussion lenses. You will also discover the fundamentals in order to take better pictures every time you pick up your camera. Take advantage of this opportunity because it's about time you left the Instagram filters and the snap happy attitude behind. You're about to master the basics of real photography. Ready?
    Beginner Camera Workshop

    4001 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago

    • Master basic DSLR camera operations like aperture and exposure
    • Discover and become comfortable with your DSLR's manual controls and settings
    • Learn concepts like lighting and photographic thinking to take better pictures
    • No experience necessary
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    20 positive reviews

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