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— Camera Basics
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    Basic Camera Course

    Did you buy a camera with the latest and greatest features but do not know what each one does? Or worse, is your camera still in its original packaging? Fear not, you too can become proficient with your camera and all of its controls by taking this Basic Camera Course. With each class having a maximum of four to five students, you will be sure to have a proper learning experience during this one day lesson. The class is broken into two parts and by the end of this course, you will be taught every external setting on your camera body and lens, additional options with the automatic settings, how to use them most effectively, and be able to take photographs you never thought you or your camera could do. You bought the camera with all of these features, now put them to use!
    Basic Camera Course

    66 Crosby St, New York

    • Shoot indoors & outdoors
    • Learn every external setting on your camera
    • Learn about the different choices the internal menu offers
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    Crash Course: Quick & Dirty Portrait Photography

    Making a great portrait doesn't necessarily require expensive gear. Take one of the most famous portraits of all time: Steve McCurry's Afghan Girl, shot for the cover of National Geographic in 1985 using only a 35mm camera and natural light. It's not the tools themselves that do the job, but rather the mind creating with them. In this illuminating Crash Course we'll help you to observe, visualize and control natural light, demonstrating how light and shadow, as well as different focal lengths, affect the dimensions of the human face. You'll get valuable practice photographing people and learn to put subjects at ease. Make vivid portraits a part of your everyday.
    Crash Course: Quick & Dirty Portrait Photography

    33 Washington St, Brooklyn

    • Discover how to find the most flattering natural and available light
    • Learn how different focal lengths will affect the dimensions of the human face
    • Get a crash course in taking beautiful photographs
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    Composition in the Field

    Create compelling images out of any surrounding! This three hour, hands-on camera workshop, is a rendezvous with a pro photographer, in any of a number of photogenic locales in and around NYC. The session is designed to provide you with an exciting experience that will teach you the classic principles of composition. You'll learn to shoot using the lighting at that particular moment, image framing, shutter techniques and other tips and techniques that will result in great compositions for portraits, architectural shoots, street photography and macro images. Personal feedback on your work from professional photographers will be given to help you master these photo layout skills. Whether it's the funky fashions and storefronts of Soho or the cityscapes of Central Park, you'll learn to create inspiring images and turn the mundane into masterpieces! You must bring your own digital camera. Exact meeting location will be provided upon booking and will vary depending upon the signup date. Past locations include:
    • Grand Central Station
    • High Line
    • Madison Square Park
    • New York Public Library
    • South Street Seaport
    • Central Park Zoo
    • Brooklyn Bridge & DUMBO
    • Central Park West & 79th St
    • Chinatown
    • Eldridge Street Synagogue
    Composition in the Field

    12 Eldridge St, New York

    • Improve your compositional skills
    • Better understand the capabilities of your camera
    • Explore famous areas of NYC
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    Master Your Camera Controls

    Some moments you want to capture forever -- your finger over the sunset ain't one of them. So it turns out that fancy new Digital SLR Camera you bought is actually just a rubix cube without all the pretty colors. Lucky for you, the solution is a snap. Develop your photography skills with Digital Photo Academy! Master the art of digital photography during this workshop class and by the time you're done, things will start to click -- mainly your camera. You'll learn about your camera's essential functions from an experienced photographer and get tips on on how to improve your shot. You'll be the center of attention, with a maximum of five students per session. This class is so perfect, it might just deserve a photoshoot of its own. Get the picture?
    Master Your Camera Controls

    18 Westage Dr, New York

    • Learn to use the basic functions of your Digital SLR Camera
    • Get insights and tips from a trained photographer who will help you every step of the way
    • Enjoy a small class size with lots of personalized attention
    • Take your photography skills to an all new level and make every snap shot picture perfect
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    DSLR Camera Intensive

    Finally, learn what all "those" buttons on your DSLR were created for! This intensive photography class will empower you with all the basic skills you need to capture those special moments with clear and beautiful photographs. You will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of exposure, shutter speed, white balance settings, and depth of field. After all, you paid big money on all those buttons, switches, and knobs on your DSLR. Please, do yourself a favor and take advantage of them.
    DSLR Camera Intensive

    1395 Lexington Ave, New York

    • Learn how to use your photographer's fancy camera effectively in one easy, comprehensive lesson
    • Cover photography basics like exposure, ISO, depth of field, and composition elements
    • Find out all about those mysterious buttons you've been ignoring
    • Improve your photo capturing skills so that you can take the best pictures possible
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    Nighttime Photography (Long Exposures)

    How are you supposed to take pictures with dim lighting? Flash works but only for a second. Blink and the picture is ruined. By simply adjusting the shutter speed on your camera to speeds longer than one second, you'll delve into the world of long exposure photography. With JP Teaches Photo, wander into Central Park as the sun's setting, and learn the basic techniques and tips of this unique photography style. With a camera in hand, pick up light that isn't even detectable to the human eye -- you'll be delighted with the resulting images. Bring a flashlight or use the stars and get exposed to night photography.
    Nighttime Photography (Long Exposures)

    Central Park West & W 72nd St, New York

    • Learn how to adjust shutter speed and capture light with your camera that is undetectable to the human eye
    • Travel through Central Park as the sun sets to take pictures
    • Explore the fundamentals of long exposure photography
    • No experience necessary
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