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— Camera Basics
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    Digital Photography for Beginners

    Learn how to get the most out of that new camera you just bought. This three hour class will give you the basics to capture those unforgettable moments with the best possible photographs. You will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of exposure (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), white balance settings, depth of field, and a whole lot more. With the class limited to just 10 people, you will be given ample attention and will undoubtedly walk away being ready to have fun with your camera!
    Digital Photography for Beginners

    590 Madison Ave, New York

    • Easy introduction to digital photography
    • Learn the fundamentals of exposure, white balance settings, depth of field, and more
    • No experience necessary
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    Photo Safari in Central Park

    Embark on a photo journey like never before as you experience Central Park and cover the basics of taking pictures of the natural environment, from cityscapes to landscapes. You'll learn the art of scouting for an image and then visually editing it for the perfect photograph. Take advantage of seasonal changes in foliage and venture through Central Park to capture photos with your unique lens. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced photographer, you'll leave with the tips and tricks to capture nature the way it was meant to be seen.
    Photo Safari in Central Park

    Central Park, New York

    • Cover the fundamentals of taking pictures in nature
    • Learn to scout and visually edit an image
    • All experience levels welcome
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    Beginner Photography: DSLR 101

    Thinking about upgrading from the iPhone camera to something more professional? DSLR 101 is the perfect class if you have either stepped up and purchased a Digital SLR camera or are considering the purchase. This four'hour workshop is dedicated to training DSLR newbies by highlighting the basics of the camera, while also making you more comfortable and confident with it. You will also be given specific tips to build a camera/lens system that suits your individual needs. Feel the power and versatility of DSLR cameras!
    Beginner Photography: DSLR 101

    211 E 18th St , New YorkNew York

    • Learn all the basic functions of your DSLR camera
    • Understand how to use a more powerful and versatile camera to your benefit
    • Hone your fundamental photography skills
    • Receive tips on constructing a camera/lens system that fits your individualized needs
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    Master Your Camera Controls

    Some moments you want to capture forever -- your finger over the sunset ain't one of them. So it turns out that fancy new Digital SLR Camera you bought is actually just a rubix cube without all the pretty colors. Lucky for you, the solution is a snap. Develop your photography skills with Digital Photo Academy! Master the art of digital photography during this workshop class and by the time you're done, things will start to click -- mainly your camera. You'll learn about your camera's essential functions from an experienced photographer and get tips on on how to improve your shot. You'll be the center of attention, with a maximum of five students per session. This class is so perfect, it might just deserve a photoshoot of its own. Get the picture?
    Master Your Camera Controls

    18 Westage Dr, New York

    • Learn to use the basic functions of your Digital SLR Camera
    • Get insights and tips from a trained photographer who will help you every step of the way
    • Enjoy a small class size with lots of personalized attention
    • Take your photography skills to an all new level and make every snap shot picture perfect
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