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    Photography Essentials

    Wondering what all of "those" buttons on your camera do? You know, the ones that aren't "power" and "shutter"? You paid for 'em, might as well learn what they do! In this photography essentials workshop, you'll learn not only how your camera works, but also about shutter speed, white balance, aperture, and any other setting your camera has. You will also develop a better understanding of the necessary elements of composing good photos such as lighting and angles. As you become more familiar with your camera, follow your guide and expert photographer around the mall to snap photos of DC icons like the Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King Memorials. Perfect for shutter bugs and history buffs alike!
    Photography Essentials

    National Mall, Washington

    • Become familiar with your camera's settings while exploring DC with this photography essentials class
    • Learn about the elements of a good photo, including composition, lighting, and angles
    • Figure out the functions of your camera's buttons and how to use them to take better photos
    • Snap great photos of various DC icons and its surrounding beautiful landscapes
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    Master Your Camera Controls: DSLR 101

    Thinking about upgrading from the iPhone camera to something more professional? DSLR 101 is the perfect class if you have either stepped up and purchased a Digital SLR camera or are considering the purchase. This four-hour workshop is dedicated to training DSLR newbies by highlighting the basics of the camera, while also making you more comfortable and confident with it. You will also be given specific tips to build a camera/lens system that suits your individual needs. Feel the power and versatility of DSLR cameras!
    Master Your Camera Controls: DSLR 101


    • Learn all the basic functions of your DSLR camera
    • Understand how to use a more powerful and versatile camera to your benefit
    • Hone your fundamental photography skills
    • Receive tips on constructing a camera/lens system that fits your individualized needs
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