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— Camera Basics
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    Master Your Camera Controls: DSLR 101

    Thinking about upgrading from the iPhone camera to something more professional? DSLR 101 is the perfect class if you have either stepped up and purchased a Digital SLR camera or are considering the purchase. This four-hour workshop is dedicated to training DSLR newbies by highlighting the basics of the camera, while also making you more comfortable and confident with it. You will also be given specific tips to build a camera/lens system that suits your individual needs. Feel the power and versatility of DSLR cameras!
    Master Your Camera Controls: DSLR 101


    • Learn all the basic functions of your DSLR camera
    • Understand how to use a more powerful and versatile camera to your benefit
    • Hone your fundamental photography skills
    • Receive tips on constructing a camera/lens system that fits your individualized needs
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    DSLR Photography - The Basics (DC)

    With so many toggles, circuits, and menu options, it can seem like cameras these days have a mind of their own. Take control of your artistic vision in a fun, in-depth crash course on digital SLR camera photography. Discover the ins and outs of your camera, from lens options to exposure settings, and learn how to use concepts like composition and depth of field to get the perfect photo. Whether you're looking to capture a crystal clear wave on the beach or the lightning-fast blur of a winning goal, you'll learn the skills to immortalize any occasion.
    DSLR Photography - The Basics (DC)

    1616 H St NW Washington, Falls Church

    • Discover the basics of photography and digital SLR camera settings
    • Learn to adjust your exposure, shutter speed, and resolution
    • Use composition and depth of field to create striking photos
    • Become an adept photographer for any occasion
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