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    Dancing, singing, games -- sounds more like summer camp than an incredible, life-affirming workout. If that's the case, you must not have heard of Capoeira, a martial art-musical hybrid! Capoeira Mandingueiro brings this Roda all levels lesson, which builds on traditional Capoeira. Capoeira is a form of combat that combines dancing and fighting and was originally used to conceal the true intent of the movements. Roda is when two capoeiristas compete against each other to try to trick their opponent. While discovering this old Brazilian combat method, you'll strengthen and condition your body, and increase agility. This intensive workout barely feels like an exercise at all -- after all, you're essentially dancing! Roda is considered a "jogo", or game, where a participant tries to play tricks on his or her opponent. The dance fighting is accompanied by music and singing, so everyone has rhythmic encouragement to keep moving. Music, singing, games? Sounds like a can't miss.

    16582 Gothard St, Huntington Beach

    • Discover Roda, a form of Capoeira that requires two combatants to compete and try to trick one another with graceful movements
    • Explore an old Brazilian combat method that combines dancing and fighting to disguise the true intent of the activity
    • Improve body strength, agility, and conditioning through this intensive exercise
    • Enjoy the music and singing that is fundamental to Capoeira
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