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— Capoeira
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    Developed by African slaves in Brazil who disguised it as a tribal dance, capoeira is a martial art practice known for its efficiency and agility. Today it is practiced all over the world. In this class, you will infuse in your movements elements of acrobatics, dance, and music, while you practice kicks, ducks, spins, and other basic capoeira moves. The spirit and energy of this sport is contagious. Both graceful and challenging, capoeira is an intense workout that promises to kick your butt in more ways than one.

    1016 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

    • Combine culture, acrobatics, dance, and martial arts into an intense, fun workout
    • Strengthen your body and mind with improved focus, discipline, and agility
    • Immerse yourself in Brazil's energetic and vibrant culture and music
    • No experience necessary
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    Hey there, twinkle toes. Want to learn to defend yourself, but look good while doing it? The ancient Brazilian martial arts form of capoeira fuses dance techniques with martial arts to create a dazzling, complex form of self-defense that will have potential assailants unsure of whether they should be fleeing or clapping. Capoeira utilizes acrobatic maneuvers - flips, handstands, stretches, kicks, leg sweeps - to bring power and momentum to your attacks. Keller's Martial Arts offers professional instruction in this remarkable form of self-defense and physical artistry. You'll soon find yourself more powerful, more graceful, and more confident, all while having fun learning a unique style that will put you in touch with Brazilian culture. Pummeling your opponents shouldn't look this good.

    3718 Irving Park Rd, Chicago

    • Learn a graceful martial arts technique that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music
    • Master quick, complex moves enhancing your power, speed, and balance
    • Discover a great cross-training regimen for any sport or physical activity
    • Build self-confidence while learning to defend yourself
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