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— Capoeira
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    Capoeira Martial Arts Fundamentals

    Experience the high energy of the Capoeira dance as you master the steps! This beginner's class will teach you all of the basics you need to understand how martial arts and dance can coexist in one form. Your talented instructors will teach you techniques like ginga, or the basic swaying stance; tesouras (knee strikes) and more. Once you have done some light cardio and stretching, you are ready to take on the Capoeira. As you reach new levels, you will work with a partner and a Roda or circle.
    Capoeira Martial Arts Fundamentals

    1221 Pecos St, Denver

    • Learn capoeira - a unique martial arts class
    • Enjoy this combination of dance and martial arts
    • Challenge your body and gain flexibility
    • Let your mind and body work together to produce magic on the mat
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