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    Beginner Capoeira

    Put the acrobatics of martial arts with the immersive cultural experience of music and dance, and what do you get? Capoeira -- the one of a kind Afro-Brazilian art of dance-fighting. In this class, you will be introduced to the sweeping kicks, flowing dips and ducks, and even impressive flips that make up a performance. With its non-stop movement, Capoeira is an incredible cardio workout, guaranteed to burn calories and give you incredible endurance. You will also gain impressive flexibility and coordination, along with an appreciation for a new culture.
    Beginner Capoeira

    8361 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

    • Discover the athletic dance-fighting art of Capoeira
    • Practice acrobatic spins, kicks, and even flips
    • Build incredible strength and endurance with non-stop motion
    • No experience necessary
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