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— Capoeira
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    Capoeira - Trial Class

    What if dancing could settle disputes like in West Side Story? Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian dance, may not have originally existed as its contemporary combative form, but lately, it's converted. The style consists of constant movement, ginga, rocking back and forth for attack and defense purposes -- always keeping the opponent off target. You will learn to attack only when the opportunity arises and defend based on non-resistance (i.e. kick decisively and dodge contact). This high-intensity cardio and strength workout promises to kick you into shape but with rhythm. Ginga your way to a healthier you!
    Capoeira - Trial Class

    123 E 12th St, New York

    • Learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Capoeira, including ginga, esquiava, and meia-lua de compasso
    • Improve strength and conditioning through this high-intensity workout
    • Explore a new way to work every muscle of your body
    • Enjoy the combination platter of dance and defense
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