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    River Architecture Tour (Navy Pier)

    What is Chicago's distinguishing feature? Is it the size of its pizza? What about the look of its hot dogs? Nope, it's gotta be the skyline. Bringing Chicago's innovative architectural development to the city's vibrant life, explore Chicago's rich history through its iconic landmarks. All of this will be viewed from the scenic Chicago River. Relax on board a cruise vessel as you observe and relish in the towering skyscrapers like Tribune Tower, the Wrigley Building, and Willis (Sears) Tower. Floating along the river, you'll uncover the tactical details behind each building, learning about the architects and designs that truly distinguish Chicago among the prettiest cities in the world.
    River Architecture Tour (Navy Pier)

    600 E Grand Ave, Chicago

    • Enjoy a historical exploration of Chicago's world-renowned architectural landmarks
    • Travel along the Chicago River, and see buildings like Tribune Tower, Trump Tower, and Willis (Sears) Tower
    • Learn about the city's history in architectural development and innovation
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    Intro to Pole

    With all the recent craze about pole fitness, are you finally ready to give it a try? This absolute basics class will impart you with the knowledge you need to get dancing! Learn essential pole moves such as sexy spins and a variety of tricks, as well as vocabulary and terminology from your experienced and encouraging instructor. Have a blast expressing your sensuality while you build up the skills and flexibility necessary to tackle more advanced classes. As you feel your muscles growing stronger and watch the pounds melt away, you'll realize why pole dancing isn't just reserved for strip clubs anymore!
    Intro to Pole

    2539 W North Ave, Chicago

    • Learn the absolute basics of pole dancing during this fully immersive beginner's course
    • Practice essential pole moves such as sexy spins and a variety of tricks
    • All Intro classes end in a short choreography
    • Build up the necessary strength and flexibility to tackle more advanced classes
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    Expert Capoeira - TEST

    What do you get when you cross dance, fighting, and stunning acrobatics? Sounds oddly like West Side Story. Not exactly. Originating as a means to disguise martial arts training in a fight for freedom, Capoeira is Brazil's fast and graceful Afro-Brazilian martial arts form. In this class, you'll increase agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, muscle strength, posture, and overall cardiovascular health, as you practice the fundamental movements of Capoeira, including how to dodge and attack. This energetic and culturally-rich workout is energized by lively music so that you will hardly even notice just how intensively you are exercising. Can you ask for anything more from a workout?
    Expert Capoeira - TEST

    520 Madison Ave, Chicago

    • Incorporate music, self-defense, and dance into your workout regimen
    • Engage the mind and body in this active form of art
    • Increase your balance, body awareness, and strength through learning the basic moves of Capoeira, such as ginga, esquiva
    • No experience necessary
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    Make Your Own Sushi

    Don’t let the sushi chef have all the fun! Come and learn how to spread, layer, tuck and roll your way to sushi heaven. In this fun, hands-on social cooking class, you’ll learn all the skills needed to make sushi-rolls at home, including how to prepare sushi rice, select sushi-grade fish, and add additional tasty neta (ingredients) to enhance your dining experience. You’ll learn to make three types of sushi rolls. Salmon is used in this class along with carrot, avocado, cucumber and nori.
    Make Your Own Sushi

    4600 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

    • Develop your culinary skills with a sushi-making class
    • Learn to prep ingredients and combine them into perfect rolls
    • Enhance the fun with food and drinks available for purchase
    • Treat yourself to a fun social cooking experience
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    Brewery Tours

    The resurgence of craft beer is now! Your Prohibition-Era expert will guide you on an all-inclusive adventure to taste samples at three breweries and tour one brewing production facility. Enjoy the distinctive qualities of Chicago craft brewing, while reveling in the artistic triumphs of this charming and historic city. This full-bodied voyage will indeed leave your palette pleased! Did you know Chicago's first mayor owned a Brewery? -- As you are driven from brewery to brewery, learn the history of Chicago's beer industry and how it traces its origins back to the 1800's. Your guide will provide educational and entertaining insights about Chicago politics in connection with breweries and the effect that Prohibition had on the city. There's no better way to travel from brewery to brewery than in a Prohibition-Era styled barrel bus! Step on the bus through the speakeasy-style vertical door and start your one-of-a-kind Chicago Brewery Tour. Each brewery has its own unique qualities. Stop by large and small facilities so you can get a sense of what it was like to walk into a brewery before Prohibition. You'll receive samples of craft beer at each of the three breweries and tour one of the production facilities. At the production facility, you'll learn the step-by-step procedures of brewing and the science behind the process. Enjoy approximately 45-55 ounces of different flavors of craft beer throughout the tour. So, Carpe Diem -- loosely translated, it means 'grab a beer' in Latin!
    Brewery Tours

    600 N Clark St, Chicago

    • Enjoy a tour and tastings at three craft breweries in Chicago
    • Taste the distinctive qualities of the city's craft brews
    • Learn about history and the brewing process from a Prohibition-era expert
    • Drink 45-55 ounces of delicious craft beer with your friends
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    Drunk Shakespeare - Mezzanine

    Performing a full Shakespeare play is hard. Performing a Shakespeare play while wasted is just as hard, however, so much more entertaining! Sit back and watch as 1 person from this talented team of actors take at least 5 shots of whiskey, then try to act out, let alone remember, one of The Bard's master works. The result is exciting, hilarious, passionate, and totally unpredictable. Like Macbeth said, Drink, sir, is a great provoker -- and provoke they will! Prepare to be wildly entertained by professional drinkers with a serious Shakespeare problem.
    Drunk Shakespeare - Mezzanine

    182 N Wabash Ave, Chicago

    • Experience the intoxicating thrill of live theater with Drunk Shakespeare
    • Watch actors take several shots and then try to perform a Shakespeare play
    • Laugh at liquor-inspired interpretations of classic characters
    • Indulge in libations of your own as you watch the performance inside a hidden Speakeasy
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