‘Hamilton’ is Coming to Chicago! 5 Activities for You and Bae to Up Your Theatre Creds

July 25, 2016

You’ve been waiting day and night, Googling showtimes, researching plots, memorizing lyrics. You know everything there is to know about “Hamilton,” and have been counting down the seconds until it finally travels past the boundaries of NYC and into your home of Chicago. Some of the cast member names have already been released, and it’s all beginning to feel too real.

There are only two things holding you back.

  1. You’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long, how do you know you’re ready? What if you don’t know the lyrics to one of the songs? What if you burst into uncontrollable sobs during “It’s Quiet Uptown?” No one knows what’s going to happen, and you’re terrified.

  2. You’re not exactly “rolling in the dough” as some may say.

Whether it’s your passion for musical theatre, curiosity about the marriage of Alexander Hamilton and hip hop beats, or your desire for bragging rights, there are tons of ways to get your “Hamilton” on before the show hits the Windy City.

Below lies your fix of 5 Hamilton-related tips and activities to up your theatre creds for when you make it to the big screen curtain.  

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