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    Maybe you're into martial arts, but you could do without the kicking and punching. You want to indulge your competitive spirit with a fun, challenging style, but you're not into acrobatics or dance -- nothing showy like that. You figure "heck, if could just learn to immobilize an opponent through a series of throws, takedowns, and pins, that'd be fantastic. I'd sign up for that." Turns out, you're in luck. Judo offers you the chance to square off against fellow Judokas and use your skills to force them into submission. No fancy kicks, spins, or dance moves required. Just leverage, coordination, strength and a can-do attitude.

    644 N Orleans St, Chicago

    • Learn the techniques of Judo, a modern Japanese martial arts style
    • Incorporate throws, takedowns, and pins to force your opponent into submission
    • Indulge your competitive spirit in an adversarial martial arts session
    • Boost your stamina, confidence, and preparedness in a comprehensive physical regiment
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