Dr. Trauma Medical Room Escape Game

What to expect
  • Challenge your wits and beat the clock during a realistic escape-room game
  • Find yourself immersed in a storyline about a serial-killer doctor out for blood
  • Search the creepy-looking room you're stuck in for clues and solve puzzles
  • Work with a small group of friends for a thrilling bonding experience
Be careful -- He'll steal your heart! When Dr. Trauma checks your pulse, it's always racing. Of course, that's because he's scalpel-wielding serial killer that enjoys slaughtering innocents and selling their organs on the blackmarket.

During this rollercoaster trip of an escape-room game, you'll have 60 minutes to get free of your cell , And avoid going under the knife! Follow clues and solve puzzles hidden throughout the room, and discover the keys and combinations that will unlock the door to your freedom.

You'll need to utilize your powers of observation and your critical thinking skills, while you simultaneously overcome the stress of a ticking clock. Phew! Luckily you're not in this ridiculously fantastic nightmare scenario alone. You'll work with a small group of friends to accomplish the task, making this a great team-building exercise!

Trauma really does have a way of bringing people together. Or taking them apart, if you don't work fast enough.
Key Highlights
Price $29.99 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 8 positive reviews
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