Expert Filipino Kickboxing

What to expect
  • Learn the basic principles of Filipino Kickboxing, a form of stand-up combat
  • Practice the proper footwork, kicks, punches and fight tactics of this martial art
  • Infuse the physical intensity of traditional kickboxing with the technical training to address a real attack
  • No experience necessary
Ever hear of the "Death Dance?" Hint, it's not some folkloric African dance done after seeing a mountain lion. In actuality, it is a type of Filipino Kickboxing. Needless to say, this stand-up combat breathes survival. At Tandang Garimot Martial Arts, you'll learn the importance of proper footwork and fight tactics to punch and kick your way to a healthier and safer life. You will also discover how to infuse the physical intensity of a traditional kickboxing workout with the technical training to attack and survive. Hopefully, you won't need to bust out your death dance anytime soon -- but you will be ready just in case!

Note: All equipment including wrist wraps, boxing/bag gloves, and shin guards, will be provided for your first lesson.
Key Highlights
Price $50.00 for up to 3 guests
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
There are no refunds; all sales are final.

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