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    Forteza Combatives

    What would you do if someone openly attacked you with their bare hands? Now, what if they had a knife? Now, what if an angry Irishman came sprinting towards you with fists raised? Whatever you need to defend yourself against, Forteza Combatives teaches you how to react and go on the offense. Using a well-rounded approach to ground fighting by combining boxing, kicking, clinch fighting, ground fighting, edged weapons survival, and fitness training, you'll practice the self-defense techniques to prevent and defend against any attack. Get ready to become self-defense savvy!
    Forteza Combatives

    4437 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago

    • Blend a variety of proven fighting arts designed to meet the needs of any martial arts enthusiast
    • Combine fighting tactics from kicking, clinch fighting, ground fighting, weapons survival, and fitness training
    • Practice an assortment of martial arts training to defend against and attack an opponent
    • Improve your strength, endurance, and mental discipline
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