French & Italian Breads

What to expect
  • Join forces with Chicago's most rebellious cake decorators and learn the art of baking bread
  • Learn how to bake French and Italian breads
  • Practice baking Baguettes, Focaccia, Ciabatta, and a Garlic Bread Roulade
  • Take home several different types of delicious bread and a new hobby
Bread. It's been famously referred to as the staff of life, but all you know about it is its location in relation to the frozen-food section in the supermarket.

Take a more hands on approach to your bread and join Chef Ben and learn how to bake your own bread! It's a great hobby and a great way to treat your loved ones to homemade goodness.

Learn all of Ben's tips and techniques to make food out of yeast and flour! You'll be learning how to make Baguettes, Focaccia, Ciabatta and Garlic Bread Roulade.

By the end of the class you'll be able to make more baguettes than a frenchman on a bicycle can carry (safely). And the next time life asks you for a staff -- you'll have a spare.
Key Highlights
Price $65.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Please request for rescheduling at least 48 hours before the class. Class credits are also offered; however, these cannot be used towards a private event.

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