Jerry's Baking Book Club

What to expect
  • Join forces with Chicago's most rebellious cake decorators for a tasty evening
  • Find out who Jerry is and what his Baking Book Club is all about
  • Create three delectable treats of Jerry's choosing
  • Enjoy an activity that will be totally sweet
You may be wondering: What's a 'Jerry' and what's a 'baking book club'?

A 'Jerry' is an excellent baker working for Chicago's premier cake decorating establishment in The Windy City (that means Chicago). Not only does Jerry enjoy baking, he enjoys reading books about baking. He even dreams about baking (Jerry's Baking Dream Journal Club to come soon!).

If Jerry was not a cake decorator extraordinaire he would have been a librarian (he loves the dewey decimal system). The Baking Book Club combines his passion for baking and his extensive collection of cook books into one fantastic evening. He will pick one of his favorite cook books and teach you how to make three savory selections out of it.

Jerry is a pretty cool guy and his Baking Book Club scintillatingly delicious.

Note: There is not, nor to our knowledge, will there ever be, a Baking Dream Journal Club. But it would be cool. Maybe talk to Jerry about it when you meet him.
Key Highlights
Price $90.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Please request for rescheduling at least 48 hours before the class. Class credits are also offered; however, these cannot be used towards a private event.

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