Petit Fours with Chef Kelly Class

What to expect
  • Join forces with Chicago's most rebellious cake decorators and step up your deserts
  • Learn how to make Petit Fours
  • Practice your pastry techniques and improve your decorating skills
  • Improve your repertoire of recipes with these crowd pleasers
You may be wondering: What are Petit Fours and why do I need to know how to make them?

Petit fours are mini French confections and were traditionally made in a smaller oven next to the main oven -- the name translates to "small ovens". Chef Kelly will teach you the fine art of making the sponge cake base, the assembly process and how to decorate your pastry. Practice making the traditional poured fondant glaze to dip and pipe the petit fours.

So, why learn to make them? Because. They are incredibly delicious.
Key Highlights
Price $65.00 per guest
Duration / Session 2 hours
# Sessions 1
Please request for rescheduling at least 48 hours before the class. Class credits are also offered; however, these cannot be used towards a private event.

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