Improvisation & Music Theory

What to expect
  • Learn the fundamentals of jazz music theory and how to break down a song's components
  • Use your song knowledge to choreograph perfectly executed tap routines
  • Develop your ability to think quickly while tap dancing in order to improvise your moves
  • Enhance your ability to enjoy jazz music through understanding its basic elements
You may know what jazz music is, but do you know what jazz music is in theory? This workshop is a perfect compliment for students of jazz and tap dance, as it delves into music theory as it applies to jazz.

During this class, you will explore at least one jazz song, breaking it down into it's constituent aspects. After a deep study of the song, you'll spend time developing your ability to spontaneously choreograph tap dance routines to match the music. Doing so will build your ability to think fast and improvise, taking your dance skills to all new levels.

This of course will come in handy if you ever get challenged to an old school tap-off.
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Duration / Session 1 hour
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