What to expect
  • Kali emphasizes weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives, and various improvised weapons
  • Learn hand-to-hand combat and weapons-disarming techniques
  • Improve your strength, coordination, and footwork
  • No experience necessary
Eskrima (also known as Arnis and in the West sometimes as Kali) is the umbrella term for the traditional martial art of the Philippines, which emphasizes weapons-based fighting with sticks, knives and other bladed weapons, and various improvised weapons. It also includes hand-to-hand combat and weapons-disarming techniques. Kali teaches its techniques in a way that makes them quickly transferable from weapon to weapon and is thus, a highly effective fighting system. The idea is that you should be able to learn one technique and apply it to just about any weapon you pick up, or the empty hand. This is a central idea to Kali and makes the art extremely versatile and quick to learn. You do not have to re-learn much as you switch between empty hand, stick, sword, knife/dagger, nunchaku, etc. This makes Kali one of the best ways to learn weapons fighting.

Note: This is a free trial class for first time students only.
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Price Free!
Duration / Session 1 hour
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