Sunburn (Private Room)

What to expect
  • Lose yourself in this imaginative world as your try to escape with the treasure in hand
  • Have fun with this social exercise as you try to solve the puzzles and clues
  • Escape the room in 60-minutes or face bitter defeat
  • Bond with your SO, colleagues or friends over this fun and interactive activity
We know the kid in you always wanted to be Indiana Jones, or maybe up to this day you're on Linkedin looking for jobs that require treasure hunting skills (that's a totally legitimate skill, right?). Then this is right up your alley!

You've finally located the Sun Treasure, but it's protected in a crystal tomb that is exposed to constant sunlight and therefore the inside of the chamber gets hotter than a rice cooker. The heat protects the treasure as it will burn anyone and anything that tries to break into the tomb. Except today, when a rare millennial solar eclipse will block the sun out for an hour, and it leaves you exactly sixty minutes to get the treasure before the sun strikes again.

Do you have what it takes to solve the puzzles and keep yourself cool as a cucumber when the pressure is on? The sand is running through the hourglass and time is ticking! Will you be able to escape on time, or will you be swallowing the bitter pill of defeat?

Note: Guests are asked to hand over all bags, phones, wallets, and other objects in their possession before entering a room. The items will be safely stored in a secure location. Guests will also need to sign waivers before entering the rooms.
Key Highlights
Price $32.95 per guest
Duration / Session 1 hour
# Sessions 1
Rating 12 positive reviews
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